Weight Loss Tips: The 8 Hormones Essential to Weight Loss

 Weight Loss Tips: The 8 Hormones Essential to Weight Loss

If you experienced dieting with no result in long term, is time to try new ways to weight loss. Try a new hormone diet to achieve your normal weight.

1. Ghrelin

Seemingly aptly named Ghrelin is the hormone that tells you when you are hungry. And like the gremlins you should listen when your Ghrelin calls. This hormone is produced in the stomach and sends a signal to your brain that tells you that you are hungry. Unfortunately, the calorie-restricted diet that most of us turn to in an attempt to lose weight, does nothing to reduce the Ghrelin that is produced. This means that even after a year of calorie-controlled dieting your body will not adapt to eating less, and the ghrelin levels will remain the same and send the same signal to your brain.

However, the thing that does decrease ghrelin levels is good, extended exercise, which is a key to weight loss in any case.

2. Leptin

The fat cells in your body produce a number of hormones called adipokine, and one hormone in this group is called leptin. This hormone sends a message to your brain firstly to get you to consume less food and secondly to burn calories. Logically, the more fat you have on your body, the more leptin is produced. However, an overabundance of body fat leads to a too large amount of leptin being produced which causes a condition known as leptin resistance. Leptin resistance causes the brain to become immune from the signals that leptin is meant to send.

In order to avoid this resistance and improve your body’s sensitivity to leptin, it is vital to get enough sleep and eat foods that are rich in antioxidants, such as berries and vegetables. Weight loss also increases your leptin sensitivity, the more weight you lose the more sensitive to leptin you become.

3. Adiponectin

This is another hormone in the adipokine group, the difference being that the leaner you are the more hormones your body will produce. Adiponectin increases the ability of your muscles to turn carbohydrates into energy increases the speed at which fat is broken down, and reduces appetite. To make the most of adiponectin you should exercise during the day and substitute carbohydrates for monosaturated fats.

4. Insulin

Insulin enables your body to build muscle, recover from exercise and maintain good levels of blood sugar. That being said, if you eat a lot of carbohydrates and leave insulin levels unchecked it can limit the body’s ability to break down and then burn fat. In order then, to best use insulin for weight loss, it is advisable to reduce portions of starches and most grains and instead get carbohydrates from some fruits and vegetables.

5. Glucagon

Glucagon is the opposite of insulin and is therefore the hormone that breaks down the carbohydrates that your body has stored, which then allows your body to use them for energy. The best way to maximize this hormone is to eat meals that are rich in protein but low in carbohydrates.

6. CCK

This hormone, also known as Cholecystokinin, is introduced to the intestines when proteins or fats are eaten. CCK works in the intestines to decrease the rate of digestion but it also sends messages to the nervous system to tell you that your satiety level has been reached. To this end make sure to incorporate fats and proteins into your meals.

7. Epinephrine

Epinephrine is the hormone that mobilizes your body to burn and release fat, and also reduces appetite. Interval training particularly and exercise in general release epinephrine into the body.

8. Growth Hormone

Growth hormone communicates with fat cells and encourages them to break down and turn fat into energy. The way to increase growth hormone is through intense exercise and plenty of sleep. ur body to burn fetched. to digestion but it also sends messages to the energy.

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