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Work Out Tips: Why You Should Never Work Out with Your Spouse

Work Out Tips: You have the desire to work out and get in shape, but it’s hard to motivate yourself. That’s a problem many people have, and one of the best ways to conquer it is by finding a workout partner. When you work out with a partner, you can both hold each other accountable and motivate each other.

Why You Should Avoid Working Out with Your Spouse

Studies show that people who work out with a partner are more successful. So who should be your exercise buddy? You should look around you at your coworkers, family, and friends. But be careful not to look too closely. If there’s one person you should never have as your workout buddy, it’s your spouse, and here’s why not.

It’s Much Easier to Quit

One of the benefits of having a partner is that you’re less likely to quit because if you do you’re letting your partner down, too. When your partner is a coworker or a friend, this is particularly effective because you don’t want to disappoint them. With your spouse, it doesn’t work nearly as well. Think about it – you’ve been with your spouse for a long time, and you know everything about each other.

Your spouse has seen you at your worst and stuck with you. If you want to skip a workout, your spouse might let you off the hook a lot easier than a friend, because your spouse loves you no matter what.

It Can Cause Relationship Troubles

Working out is a very personal, emotionally-charged thing for many people. You’re working out with a goal to look better, for example, and that’s important to you. Working out is something you want to take seriously, and you’ll feel disappointed in yourself if you fail to reach your goals.

When you work out with your spouse, all these emotions can lead to arguments. It can cause a rift in your marriage if one of you is taking things more seriously than the other or not seriously enough. Just as your spouse has seen you at your worst, they also know your best. You might hold each other to higher standards, and relationship trouble can develop when expectations aren’t met.

It Won’t Help Your Sex Life

Some people think that working out with your spouse can improve your sex life, but do you really find your sweating, wheezing spouse attractive? You might, but you probably won’t. Working out isn’t pretty. It’s dirty and sweaty, and you might make some ugly faces as you’re pushing yourself to run faster or do more reps.

You don’t want to see your spouse like that and vice versa. Working out with your spouse won’t help your sex life, and in some cases, it could hurt it.

Bonus: You’ll Have More Fun with Someone Else

Working out (Work Out) with a partner is supposed to make exercising more fun, and it gives you someone to talk to. You spend enough time with your spouse at home. Save the workout bonding for someone who you really want to get closer to, like a good friend.

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