World Antimicrobial Awareness Week

 World Antimicrobial Awareness Week

World antimicrobial awareness week is observed from the 18th to the 24th of November every year all over the world. It is celebrated all week long. World antimicrobial awareness week will help raise awareness about the antimicrobials inside the human body. An extensive world population does not know about microbes and their effect on the body. 

World antimicrobial awareness week helps inform people about antimicrobial resistance’s importance. Suppose you do not understand antimicrobial resistance, then we are here to tell you. It is a kind of resistance that happens when the person’s body stops responding to the antibacterial medicines because the fungus, infection, or antimicrobials inside the body become more muscular. A global campaign has been started to cope with the issues of antimicrobial resistance ( AMR ). Various seminars are organized worldwide by different organizations so that more and more people can get educated about the need and spread of AMR. In this article, we will provide information regarding world antimicrobial awareness week, its history, significance, theme, etc.

History of world antimicrobial week

World antimicrobial week was initiated in 2017 by WHO ( world health organization ).the idea for the formation of world antimicrobial week arrived when people were tasting deaths due to the unavailability of antibiotics. With the increasing population and diseases, people are facing the issue of AMR. However, in 2015 some officials decided to increase the importance of antibiotics because if a person does not get enough antibiotics, they can even die. It has become a necessary medicine all over the world. 

As time passes, various new infections are introduced, barely treated by antibiotics, eventually leading to millions of deaths. Since then, world antimicrobial week has been celebrated to educate and provide knowledge about the consumption of microbes fighting diseases.

Significance of world antimicrobial week

The word antimicrobial week is an essential and global occasion celebrated yearly. Millions of people suffer from different kinds of infections, such as pneumonia, dengue, etc., Which reduce the strength of the human body. It provides more complex information regarding medical healthcare and its complications. Various do not know much about antibacterials and their use. However, world antimicrobial awareness day will gain knowledge of people about antibiotic resistance. 

The theme of world antimicrobial week

 The theme of world antimicrobial week 2022 was “ preventing antimicrobial resistance together. ” The article signifies that we can only achieve the goal of removing AMy when we all work together. Every country and medical sector must work with utmost mutual understanding to accomplish this goal. Various organizations, such as WHO ( world health Organization) or UNEP ( the united nations environment program), work every year for the welfare of the people. You can also contribute by coming forward on this day and motivating others for your gift. 

Previous year’s themes of world antimicrobial week

Year  Theme 
2015 Antibiotics: Handle with care
2016 Antibiotics: handle with care
2017 Seek advice from a qualified healthcare professional before taking antibiotics
2018 Change can’t wait. Our time with antibiotics is running out 
2019 The future of antibiotics depends on us all
2020 United to preserve antimicrobial
2021 Spread awareness, stop resistance
2022 Preventing antimicrobial resistance together

Timelines of world antimicrobial week

Year  Schedule 
1895 This year, for the first time, I informed the world about what antibacterial is and how much impact it can have on the human body.
1907 This year, many people have lost their life due to various infections. However, a scientist named Paul Ehrlich, Germany, decided to obtain a medication for these viruses.
1928 This year, various doctors, researchers, and scientists started to do research work on the antibodies of antibacterial, and later, after that,t Sir Alexander Flaming named his antibiotic “penicillin. “.  
1945 This year, the research work is almost about to end because all the medicines react to antibacterial diseases. However, various countries started showing their contribution. Even three doctors have won the noble prize for successful research on antibacterial. 
2015 This year, various organizations and governments celebrated world antimicrobial day. 

How to observe world antimicrobial week

You can observe world antimicrobial week in the following ways:

  1. We must celebrate an antimicrobial week with an understanding of medicines and foods. Various food products contain different types of vitamins, which help build up the person’s immune system more strongly. 
  2. It is essential to gain knowledge and provide knowledge to others about antimicrobic and antibacterial so that they fight the illness in the first place. Always teach basic manners and necessities to your child so that they can maintain an atmosphere of hygiene to eliminate antibacterial.
  3. You must have a happy nature if you want a healthy and bacteria-free body. It is likely to fight against diseases more than a sad person. So if you want to observe this day, be happy and make others happy.

Facts about world antimicrobial week

Some of the facts about world antimicrobial week are given below : 

  1. If you take antibiotics without any prescription, it can harm the body.
  2. Antibiotic resistance is a big problem and can be seen worldwide.
  3. Antibiotic resistance is obtained from the natural evolution of microorganisms.
  4. With the help of infection prevention methods, we can reduce the chances of antibody resistance.

World antibiotics awareness week dates

Year 2023
Day November 18November 18
date Saturday 
Year  2024
Day  November 18November 18
Date  Monday 
Year  2025
Day  November 18November 18 
Date  Tuesday 
Year  2026
Day  November 18November 18 
Date  Wednesday 
Year  2027
Day  November 18November 18  
Date  Thursday 


World antimicrobial week is an important and global occasion that is celebrated every year all over the world. It helps us to gain more knowledge about the medical field and its research. There is various organization that has been making their contributions to achieving the goal of antibiotic basic. And even teach them about the rising health issues.     


1. What is world antibiotics awareness week?

Ans: World antibiotics awareness week is celebrated to raise awareness about antibiotic resistance and teach people about antibiotics basics.

2. What is the slogan of antimicrobial awareness?

Ans: The slogan of antimicrobial awareness is “Antimicrobial: handle with care. “

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