World Blood Donor Day

 World Blood Donor Day

World blood donor day is celebrated on the 14th of June. It is a global event that is held every year all over the world. World blood donor day is a momentous occasion to raise awareness about the importance of blood and its donation. Blood is undoubtedly an essential element of the human body. However, it carries all the platelets and cells within itself. It helps fight bacteria and disease with the help of white blood cells. Hence, you must understand the necessity of blood for transfusion and transplantation. Various people donate their blood to charity. Later it is used to help people in different organizations contribute to the occasion of world blood donor day by initiating campaigns and programs. With the help of these campaigns, people can gather in one place and contribute to voluntary blood donor programs. Even various provides free healthcare services in these campaigns to help and motivate people for enormous contributions. 

History Of World Blood Donor Day

World blood donor day was initiated by WHO  ( world health organization ) in 2004. The main motive for the formation of blood donor day was to raise awareness among people about blood donation. Blood is essential for saving lives; however, with blood donor day, people can get more focused on this. It is also celebrated in the remembrance of Karl Landsteneir, who won the Nobel Prize in medicine in 1930. He invented the blood group system and became the first man to create the ABO blood group. It is celebrated every year with the sight of helping people and saving lives as much as possible. There are many regions of the world where is no such accessibility of blood banks; however, regular blood donation camps can help people to overcome the issue of the availability of blood.  

The Theme Of World Blood Donor Day

The theme of world blood donor day 2022 was “ Donating blood is an act of solidarity. Join the effort and save lives ”. The theme of world blood donor day represents the importance of blood donation in a person’s life. Blood donation can be a charity for you, but for us, it can be a medium of saving lives. Various women suffer from severe bleeding during delivery or other problems. At that moment, blood is used as an essential asset. Every patient suffers from a blood deficiency while suffering from diseases such as malaria, dengue, etc. However, it is necessary to have a particular place where people can get blood whenever needed. World blood donor day will help raise awareness among all the nations to donate more and more and save lives.

There are plenty of blood donors who help the organization with money so that donation camps can collect as enormous amounts of blood as much as needed. The government conducts various programs and seminars through which they can be aware of contributing to blood donation. 

Why Is Blood Donation Essential?

There is no specific explanation for this question because even if there is no such explanation for blood donation, it is one of the essential charities worldwide. Various organizations work every day just for the nation’s and the public’s welfare. Thousands of people die due to the loss of blood. However, it is crucial to have convenient blood resources to save people’s lives. Undoubtedly humans are an asset for any country, and it is necessary to keep a hold of them. 

 People lose blood during diseases, pregnancy, delivery of the child, dengue, malaria, etc. however, it is necessary to have a particular place that can provide blood when needed. But can only achieve it with the help and contribution of the people in large amounts. Only then can we save the lives and assets of the country? You can help other people by donating your blood and saving their life. Donating blood can also help develop new and pure blood and even improves the person’s health by burning calories.

World Blood Donor Day Timeline

Date  Schedule
7th April 2000 WHO decided on the title on this date and named it ‘safe blood starts with me.’ Later its name transformed with time.
May 2005 On this date, the word blood donor is applied to the whole world as a symbol for the prevention of blood. 
11th June 2009 WHO decided to offer blood to all those in need free of cost.
6th December 2013 First world blood donor day was implemented, and around 61,902 people participated in the occasion from India.

Facts About World Blood Donor Day

  1. Every person’s blood group type differs from each other. However, there are a total of 8 blood group types all over the world. People can be classified by their blood group type. The rare blood group found all over the globe is AB-negative.
  2. Every person has a different blood group, and they can only donate their blood to those with the same blood group type. However, the only O negative is the blood group type that can donate blood to anyone.
  3. We are not aware of the formation of the blood and its cells. However, blood is formed with four essential elements: red blood cells, platelets, floating plasma, and white blood cells.
  4. Every year many people donate their blood as a sense of charity. In 2016, around 4.5 million people donated their blood at Mingo. 


World blood donor day is a global event held every year worldwide. It is an important event organized to save the lives of people. WHO ( world health organization ) and other small institutions and governments help initiate blood donation worldwide. It is done as a charity and benefits countless people every day. People who need blood can visit any blood bank to collect the blood, which is a small contribution to saving people’s lives. Everyone should show their contribution and encourage others also for the donation process. 


1. Which nation hosted world blood donor day 2022?

Ans: World blood donor day 2022 was hosted by Mexico. It is held every year all over the world. Various campaigns were set up to invite and motivate people to contribute to saving people’s lives. 

2. What is the symbol of blood donation?

Ans: The symbol of blood donation is RF EJPFN8. The character implies blood flow all over the body and is considered the most critical aspect of the human body. 

3. How much blood can be donated by a person?

Ans: There is no such specific estimate for the donation of blood. However, it is believed that a person should donate 500 milliliters of blood at a time. The whole process of blood donation takes around 1 hour. It starts by testing blood, arranging them according to the blood groups, and then transporting them to hospitals everywhere.

4. What is the rarest blood group type?

Ans: The rarest blood group type is AB negative. It is considered the most occasional blood, which is usually not available. Only 1 % of people have the AB-negative blood group worldwide, which cannot fulfill their needs.

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