World Arthritis Day

 World Arthritis Day

World arthritis day is celebrated on October 12th. It is a global event that is held every year all over the world. This occasion is celebrated worldwide to raise awareness about rheumatic and muscle skeleton diseases. There is a large population who doesn’t know much about arthritis. However, world arthritis day will help people to provide information regarding the importance of better treatment and its preventive measures. World arthritis day helps to provide opportunities for people to talk about their disease and get better treatment. Even people and various organizations contribute to organizing multiple campaigns to help people. In this article, we will provide information about world arthritis day, its history, its theme, its significance, arthritis, and its preventive measures. 

History of World Arthritis Day

World arthritis day was formed on October 12th, 1996. The initiative for the formation of world arthritis day was initiated by Arthritis and Rheumatism International ( ARI ). Various arthritis foundations were formed to encourage people to get better treatment. There are lots of people who have been victims of arthritis for many years. However, it’s necessary to have a direction so they can work themselves much better. If you want better and regular updates, you can join one of the arthritis awareness organizations that can provide updates about this.  

The Theme of World Arthritis Day

The theme of world arthritis day 2022 was “It is in your hands; take action”. The theme encourages Arthritis patients and their caregivers a chance to take action and improve their lifestyles of the patient. 

Significance of World Arthritis Day

Arthritis is a tissue problem around the joints and causes unbearable pain in connective tissue. Usually, arthritis is seen between the age of 40-50. But nowadays, it’s expected, and every I from 4 has this issue. This causes problems in walking, bending, and performing day-to-day activities because it causes joint stiffness. Arthritis causes lots of problems in a person’s life. Various research has been done on this disease, but there is no specific treatment for arthritis. However, people take some medicine to overcome it. However, world arthritis day helps to provide an appropriate platform to those people who have been suffering from this and didn’t get the proper medication yet.

What Is Arthritis?

It is a condition in which a person experiences pain in joints and stiffness, which affects the everyday activity of a person. Arthritis can make it challenging to sit up straight, occurring at 45. It is a severe health condition, and osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis seen in people. There are three types of arthritis osteoarthritis, autoimmune inflation arthritis, infectious arthritis, and gout–metabolic arthritis.

Osteoarthritis It is considered the most common type of arthritis seen in people. It affects the joints, but mainly the hands, spine, and knees, and also affects cartilage. This type of arthritis can be increased with age.
Autoimmune inflammatory arthritis It protects the immune system by generous inflammation, but by this excessive inflammation, the immune system acts overactive and affects healthy tissue by attacking them. In some people, it affects the spine, hand, and feet joints, but in some cases, it also affects the eye, skin, heart, and many other body organs. Three types of autoimmune inflammatory arthritis are rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, and axial spondylo arthritis.
Infectious arthritis The leading causes of this arthritis are bacteria, viruses, and fungi affecting bone health. It starts in another body part but travels to the joints and towards the knees.
Gout It is also known as metabolic arthritis, and in this type of arthritis, uric acid crystals are formed, which affects the joint.
Symptoms  Redness, pain, stiffness, swelling, tenderness, warmth 
Risk factor 
  • Age- Age is the most critical risk factor because arthritis can be increased with time and age.
  • Lifestyle – Non-healthy lifestyle also affects joint and cause arthritis-like smoking, laziness, etc. 
  • Sex- Most types of arthritis are present in women 
  • Medication – In the case of arthritis, medicines are proven very helpful to your body. Any inflammatory and pain drugs are suitable for relieving your pain.
  • Therapy- Rehabilitation is also perfect for improving the strength of the bone 
  • Injections – Cortisone injections have also proven very good in providing temporary relief.

World Arthritis Day Observation

World arthritis day, promoting awareness is one of the most important things because it affects people’s life. Nowadays, people are unaware of arthritis and its impact on your bones, so it has become essential to educate people about arthritis and how we can cure that.

There is an official website of the arthritis foundation. With the help of this website, you should know if you have arthritis or not.

Timeline of World Arthritis Day

4500 BC  The first type of arthritis was discovered. 
123 AD It is described that the symptoms of arthritis are similar to rheumatoid arthritis.
1591 The first evidence is found by the French physician Guillaume de Caillou.
1852 It is proven that rheumatoid arthritis is different from osteoarthritis. 

Facts About World Arthritis Day

  1. The venom left by a bee can reduce the symptoms of arthritis disease. 
  2. Animals are also suffering from arthritis.
  3. Injuries are also the reason causing arthritis disease. 
  4. According to the report, the children are also suffering from juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. 
  5. Colder climates provide relief to the arthritis patient.

Dates Of World Arthritis Day

Year  Day  Date 
2023 October 12  Thursday 
2024 October 12  Saturday 
2025 October 12  Sunday 
2026 October 12  Monday 
2027 October 12  Tuesday 


World arthritis day is celebrated on October 12th. It is a worldwide occasion that is held annually. Various organizations have been working on the welfare of arthritis patients who have arthritis for a long ago. You can show your contribution to world arthritis day. Everyone should come forward so that more and more people can be benefitted from this occasion.


1. What is the effective therapy for arthritis? 

Ans: Walking is considered one of the best therapies to deal with arthritis pain. 

2. What are the leading causes of arthritis? 

Ans: Injury, lousy metabolism, infection, and weak immune system are the primary cause of arthritis.

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