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Cervical Cancer Elimination Day of Action

Cervical cancer elimination day of action is celebrated globally on 17th November. WHO and other organizations organize this occasion. The main motive for the cervical cancer elimination day of action is to remove the chances of cervical cancer from the life of ordinary people. As it is one of the leading health problems among the public, it’s necessary to lay a full stop to this. The cervical cancer elimination day of action is formed to eliminate cancer so that more and more people can live their life happily. It’s been two years since it was celebrated every year, and it motivated and educated people about cervical cancer and its impact on the life of people. 

In this article, we will provide you with information regarding the cervical cancer elimination day of actin, Its history, its theme, its significance, cervical cancer, its causes, symptoms, etc. 

History Of Cervical Cancer Elimination Day Of Action

The idea for the cervical cancer elimination day of action has arrived from the WHO. They have been watching people all around the world who have cervical cancer. There is a large population who doesn’t know much. However, It’s the responsibility of the officials to inform and educate people. Various technologies can be used as time changes for better and more beneficial treatment. The initiative of the cervical cancer elimination day of action was taken in 2021. This year will complete three years for the formation of this occasion. The day’s primary focus is on small, contaminated areas where people can’t afford better treatment. They can discuss their problems and health issues with the doctors and the officials. Walking together is the only way to eliminate cervical cancer from the world.  

Significance Of Cervical Cancer Elimination Day Of Action

The cervical cancer elimination day of action has been an important occasion for the whole world. Millions suffer from cervical cancer. Many of them lost their lives due to this as well. It is necessary to eliminate this worldwide health problem. Only then can we achieve and fulfill the motive of cervical cancer elimination day of action? With the help of HPV tests, Pap tests, and screening tests,s we can quickly identify cervical cancer and work that. All of us must come forward and help people as much as we can. We need to show our support to all those people who have been suffering from this for a long time.  

What Is Cervical Cancer?

Cervical cancer is a condition in which there is an unlimited growth of abnormal cells in the cervix. The cervix is present in the female reproductive system in the lower part of the womb. The primary cause of cervical cancer is HPV( human papillomavirus), and it is mainly found in those women who are suffering from HIV. According to the report of the world health organization, cervical cancer is the fourth leading disease that causes maximum death. Also, one person loses their life every two minutes because of this deadly disease. According to the morality data of 2020, more than 340,000 women in rural areas are suffering from this disease.

Causes Of Cervical Cancer

The leading cause of this cancer is HPV, which is human papillomavirus. This virus is widespread worldwide—over 100 types of HPV virus, but only 14 kinds cause cancer. But two viruses of HPV, that is, type 16 and 18, are the riskiest and have a 70% chance of cancer. 

Signs And Symptoms Of Cervical Cancer

  1. In the early stage, it may not offer any signs and symptoms, but people usually experience these signs and symptoms in their second and third stages. 
  2. There is always bleeding in the vagina after every sex, between period cycles. 
  3. Excessive pain during sex 
  4. Different types of discharge from the vagina, like bloody and watery 
  5. Back pain and pelvic floor pain 

How to observe Cervical Cancer Elimination Day Of Action

  1. Knowing about this deadly disease becomes more critical because it is a significant cause of death. Nowadays, people are unaware of cervical cancer, so it has become essential to know about its early signs and symptoms and its risk factor.
  2. Cervical cancer occurs primarily in women, so educating people about its treatment and healthcare facility is essential. 
  3. Governments arrange different types of campaigns and seminars in other countries to promote awareness about cervical cancer elimination, and the best way to spread awareness is through social media. 

Treatment Of Cervical Cancer

There are three stages of cervical cancer and different treatments for that. 

  1. Early-stage cervical cancer – When a pet has early-stage cervical cancer, it can be treated by surgery and radiotherapy.
  2. Advanced cervical cancer- When  a person has advanced cervical cancer so, in this case, radiotherapy with chemotherapy has proven very good 
  3. Palliating cervical cancer – This type of cervical cancer cannot be cured.

Facts About Cervical Cancer Elimination Day Of Action

  1. Around 600,000 cases are found every year all over the world.
  2. Every single minute one woman is diagnosed with cervical cancer. 
  3. More than 300,000 women are died because of this deadly disease. 
  4. Cervical cancer is considered one of the leading causes of death.


The cervical cancer elimination day of action is celebrated on 17 November. It is a worldwide occasion organized by setting up conferences and campaigns with the help of various organizations, doctors, surgeons, etc. so that the most beneficial way can be opted to eliminate cervical cancer from people’s lives. With a union, we all can motivate the world to show their contribution on this momentous occasion. The whole world must come forward to eliminate cervical cancer from the entire world.


1. What is HPV 

Ans: HPV stands for human papillomavirus. There are 100 types of HPV viruses, but only 14 are considered the riskiest, which ich cause cervical cancer.

2. What is the significant risk factor? 

Ans: The most common risk factors are-                                                                          1. Smoking – a person who does excess smoking has a high chance of cervical cancer        2. Week immune system – a person who has a weak immune system    

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