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World Iodine Deficiency Disorder Day

World iodine deficiency disorder day is celebrated on October 21. It is a global event that is held every year. World iodine deficiency disorder day is celebrated to raise awareness about the lack of iodine in the body and its importance. It is believed that if the person has a la ack of iodine inside the body, they can face various problems. Every person needs to gain knowledge about the role of iodine in human health as it is necessary. Iodine is an essential nutrient vital required for the functioning of the thyroid. This article will provide information regarding world iodine deficiency disorder day, its history, theme, significance, importance, timelines, etc.  

History Of World Iodine Deficiency Disorder Day

The idea for the formation was raised during the 13th century when people started facing the chronic issue of goiter. It becomes tough to treat this as people do not know much about the disease and its reason. Ayurveda doctors began to take seaweed and burnt sea sponge home remedies as a medication. Even after many trials, the ancient ayurvedic could not find iodine. However, people continued to take seaweed and burnt sea sponge as an alternative for treating goiter size. Later in the 19th century, iodine was discovered by the French chemist – Bernard Courtois. He observed some usual reactions of seaweed when treated with sulphuric acid. However, in 1896 Eugen Baumann gave a scientific confirmation for discovering iodine. And this news of the discovery of iodine was spread worldwide like fire. 

From then until now, iodine has been used to treat various health problems and has become a permanent medicine for the treatment of goiter. It is used to tackle the thyroid. The ulterior goal was formed to remove the deficiency of iodine from all over the world in 2000. However, various countries came forward and decided to start a particular day to provide more education about iodine deficiency to the people. It is also necessary for all of us to take care of our health and take proper measures to fight iodine deficiency.   

The Theme Of World Iodine Deficiency Disorder Day

The theme for world iodine deficiency disorder day 2022 was “ Thyroid and communication.” Iodine is the main reason for the formation of the thyroid gland inside the body. But excessive shape Is also not good for health. However, many people don’t know much about the importance of iodine inside the body. World iodine deficiency disorder day helps people to provide knowledge about the importance of iodine. Various organizations set campaigns and discuss iodine deficiency and preventive measures to tackle iodine deficiency. 

Significance Of World Iodine Deficiency Disorder Day

World iodine deficiency disorder day is an important occasion for the whole world. It is celebrated on October 21 and has a significant impact on the lives of people iodine is a critical micronutrient necessary for the better functioning of the body. Goiter is the main issue that happens due to the deficiency of iodine. All the hormones largely depend upon the secretion of iodine. World iodine deficiency disorder is an important day that provides knowledge about iodine and its importance inside the body. We should contribute on this day and motivate others to understand this.

Importance Of Iodine In Daily Life

The deficiency of iodine affects the thyroid gland. A thyroid gland is a butterfly structure gland that is present in the neck, and it is considered one of the most prominent endocrine glands. A thyroid gland produces thyroid and thyroid hormone and other functions like heart rate, blood pressure, metabolism, etc. if a person does not take an iodine-rich diet, the thyroid gland contains more iodine from the blood, which results in the excess growth of the thyroid gland.

You can take iodine-rich food like iodized salt to regulate iodine in your body. It is the best contr-controlling for your iodine level because it contains stain 10gm dried seaweed, which includes 200gm of iodine, and non-fat milk is another good food with rich iodine. Greek yogurt and eggs are the primary foods that contain iodine and are suitable for regulating iodine in your body.

Why is World Iodine Deficiency Disorder Day Observed?

Iodine deficiency is a growing problem in developing countries, and that’s why the government organized world iodine deficiency day to promote awareness about the importance of iodine. Today people learn about iodine and why it is essential to the growth of the body. The proper consumption of iodine can maintain the level of the thyroid. The people can donate money to the organization that helps those suffering from iron deficiency.

Timeline For World Iodine Deficiency Disorder Day

1811 This day is considered the discovery of iodine by the french scientist Bernard  Courtois 
1852 On this day, the French scientist tells about the iodine deficiency linked with endemic goiter
1896 Scientist Eugen Baumann report about the discovery of iodine within the thyroid gland
1924 According to the researchers, iodine salt is the treatment for iodine deficiency 
1980 World health organization takes many steps to protect people from iodine deficiency 
1993 Different techniques used to control iron deficiency disorder

Facts About Iron Deficiency Disorder Day

  • According to the reports of the world health organization, one-third of the population suffers from the shortage of iodized salt, and 2 million people suffer from iron deficiency. 
  • Different foods contain a high amount of iodine,e like fish, shrimp, dairy products, seaweed, etc.
  • Iodine is considered the best food for completing iron deficiency. 
  • 150mcg is the best amount of iodine for an adult. 
  • The peoples of southeastern Asia, the pacific, and Africa faces more insufficiency of iodized salt.

Dates Of Global Iodine Deficiency  Disorder Day

Year  Day  Date 
2023 October 21 Saturday 
2024 October 21 Monday 
2025 October 21 Tuesday
2026 October 21 Thursday
2027 October 21 Friday 


World iodine deficiency disorder day is celebrated all over the world to raise awareness about iodine deficiency and the impacts it shows on the body. People must be aware of what iodine is and how it is lacking inside the body. However, world iodine deficiency disorder day will help people to gain knowledge and educate them about its importance. Various countries set up campaigns all over the world. You can contribute to this by coming forward for this. 

Faqs About World Iodine Deficiency Disorder Day

1. What are the measures to take for the prevention of iodine?

Ans: Food and water are considered as best to the full fill the deficiency of iodine, and salt ionization is a standard method used to cover iodine deficiency among people 

2. What do you mean by iodized salt?

Ans: It is considered the best, most cost-effective, time-tested way to cure iodine deficiency in any human being. 

3. Name the Primary food which full fill the need for iodine in the body.

Ans: Fish, seaweed, broccoli, soy products, cabbage, turnip, thiocyanates, etc., are some food which full fill the need for iodine deficiency in human beings.

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