Universal Health Coverage Day

 Universal Health Coverage Day

Universal health coverage day is celebrated on December 12th globally. The United Nations General Assembly initiated the idea of a universal health coverage day. The revolution has now spread all over the world. However, a large number of people are also contributing to this. Each year, the growth of health coverage is upgrading rapidly. Universal health coverage day will help educate people about abo-affordable and accessible health and medical care. However, a sizeable significant population gathered on this day and raised their voices for their rights.

 Every person needs a better lifestyle and healthcare to live a better life, however, and it is necessary to have excellent and affordable healthcare all the time. In slum areas, people do not get enough good lifestyle or healthcare, eventually leading to harmful and untreatable diseases. We should look after the health of the whole world and kindly show our contribution to universal health coverage day. This article will provide information regarding universal health coverage day, its theme, history, observance, facts, etc. People have suffered a lot during the COVID–19 Pandemic, and some of them could not get good healthcare facilities; however, many have lost their lives.

History Of Universal Health Coverage Day

The idea of universal health coverage day was initiated by WHO ( world health organization ). Later many organizations came together to provide better healthcare facilities and medication to the people. Universal health coverage came into action in 2012. WHO took all the responsibilities. The prime motive for the formation of universal health coverage day was to provide accessible and affordable healthcare facilities to all those people who have been suffering from chronic diseases. The welfare of universal health coverage day was not limited to who will benefit every nation. It is an excellent opportunity to improve the health status of a country as more and more people will be treated for their diseases. A large population is treated with the help of universal health coverage day. And if this public welfare is going on like this, we can help the whole world. 

Various non–profit organizations work for the people and their improvisation of health. Underworld health coverage day, only poor people will be treated, as these people cannot gain better healthcare facilities. Various campaigns are organized yearly to provide suitable medication to people. People can even get affordable medicine and free check-ups here. 

The Theme Of Universal Health Coverage Day

The universal health coverage day theme is “ Build the world we want:  A healthy future for all. ” All people must have a useful life. However, we can’t live a happy life without having appropriate healthcare. With the help of universal health coverage day, we can motivate more people to stand with us. Various organizations are continuously contributing to the growth of healthcare. We can only achieve a better future if we have better healthcare.  

Timeline For Universal Health Coverage Day

The most common timelines for universal health coverage day are given below :

Year  Schedule
2012 This year, the UN decided to form an occasion through which they can help more and more people in one go. Various organizations decided to come into action and help people so that they can get good medical healthcare. 
2015 This year, the UN decided to form a plan and set a goal that must be achieved by the end of the year. 
2017 This year, the government showed the intervention and decided to promote health facilities as human health is the most essential and considered an asset for a country. 
2018 This year, universal health coverage day got affiliation from the government, and it decided to expand it to the whole world. Till today a large number of people have contributed to saving people’s lives by providing good healthcare.

How To Observe Universal Health Coverage Day?

Universal health coverage day can be observed by performing the following things :

  1. You can be a part of the various campaigns organized by multiple organizations. You can even show your contribution and support all the people suffering from various diseases. Every person needs some assurance about their healthcare—however, universal health coverage day helps secure all the poor who cannot get appropriate healthcare facilities. You can even physically motivate others through your social media platforms so that more and more people gain knowledge about this. We can educate people about excellent healthcare to even help them.
  2. We can research affordable medicine and talk about them as well. Even various organizations talk about the importance and availability of better healthcare. We can raise our voices against healthcare issues and remove all the barriers to easy accessibility of medicine and healthcare. Talk about it as much as possible and motivate others to talk about it.
  3. Universal health coverage is celebrated every year and motivates many people. It would help if you talked to your family and friends about the importance of healthcare. And even encourage them to stand for it as well. Every person and every nation should unite on this day so that this will benefit people.

Facts About Universal Health Coverage Day

Some of the most common facts about universal health coverage day are as follows:

  1. People are not just affected by chronic diseases. Around 45% of the women face complications and even death during childbirth. However, the only reason behind it is the lack of healthcare facilities.
  2. Healthcare not only depends on medicine or hospitals but also on hygiene. India has more access to mobile phones than toilets—however, a lack of hygiene leads to various diseases.
  3. India is a great country, but healthcare access here is also low. People couldn’t afford better healthcare and find it expensive. However, some of them even have to face life loss.

Universal Health Coverage Day Dates 

Year  2023
Day  December 12
Date  Tuesday 


Year  2024
Day  December 21
date Thursday 


Year  2025
Day  December 12
Date  Friday 


Year  2026
Day  December 12
Date  Saturday 


Year  2027
Day December 12
Date  Sunday 


Universal health coverage day is a global event. It is held annually, and almost all the nations contribute to it. The government and various organizations are working on this situation and helping millions by providing better healthcare facilities. We should save people’s lives as it is necessary for the nation’s and world’s growth and development. 

Faqs About Universal Health Coverage Day

1. When did universal health coverage day start?

Ans: Universal health coverage day started on December 12, 2012. The United Nations General Assembly initiated it. However, later it spreads all over the world to save the lives of people.

2. What are the three pillars of universal health coverage day?

Ans: The three pillars of universal health coverage are daycare service delivery, health financing, and governance.

3. How many countries have universal healthcare?

Ans: There are about 43 countries that have universal healthcare. These countries provide a wide range of healthcare to citizens at an affordable price. 

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