World Patient Safety Day

 World Patient Safety Day

World observes patient safety day on September 17th.  It is celebrated yearly to raise awareness about the safety and well-being of the patients under doctor’s surveillance.  The whole world must show interest in the topic of patient safety.  Humans are an asset for the economy or any nation; however, the security of this asset is necessary to take over the world forward.  World patient day highlights all the issues and problems in the patient safety and healthcare system.  Certain rights are given to the patients, but they cannot lay a finger on t  doctors’ operations.  It’s the doctor’s responsibility to avoid any mistakes that can ruin or take the patient’s life.  With growing time, as technology is upgrading, it is also necessary for us to develop. 

History Of World Patient Safety Day

The idea of world patient safety day was raised when many people had to face death due to a lack of focus and practice.  Various mistakes and errors caused a lot of harm to the patient.  However, it has become necessary to save people’s lives during surgeries.  Later WHO ( world health organization ) decided to show their intervention and hop to this conclusion to provide all the required and necessary patient care.  Every year various countries set up campaigns all over the world.  As technology is upgrading, healthcare and surgical treatment are becoming more complex.  However, there is no chance of a blunder because it can even take the patient’s life. 

The initiative to form world patient safety day was taken in 2019 by WHO ( world health organization ).  It is one of the most beneficial and needed occasions that talks about the right of the patients.  Doctors can easily have safe surgery if they prepare notes and a summary of the whole operation.  It can also be shown to the patient or their family during the confusion. 

Significance Of World Patient Safety Day

World patient safety day is essential, providing patient safety during surgeries.  World patient safety day even helps people to gain knowledge about the importance of patient safety and ensures safe healthcare for the person.  With the help of world patient safety day, people can even make sure about how they are treated and the safety measures.  People can come together through seminars and campaigns organized by various organizations and even motivate others to support patient safety. 

Themes Of World Patient Safety Day

Year  Theme 
2019 Patient safety: global health prior
2020 Health worker safety: A priority for patient safety
2021 Safe and respectful maternal and newborn care
2022 Medication safety: Medication without harm

The Objective Of World Patient Safety Day 2022

  • The main aim of celebrating world patient safety day was to promote awareness about harmful medications due to unfair practices. 
  • To focus on healthcare stakeholders who produce medicines and educate them about harmful medical errors which affect the body and also cause death
  • Also, educate the families of patients about unfair practices and the correct use of medication. 
  • Patient safety day is a global event organized to promote awareness about the security of patients.

Some Key Messages To 2022 Campaigns

  • Ensuring the medical facilities is an essential thing for the health care system, 
  • Reduced the burden of medication 
  • Integrated medication is a need for every patient 
  • Introducing safety programs and campaigns is very important in promoting awareness 

Timeline Of World Patient Safety Day

1948 Establishment of the world health assembly 
2015 On world patient safety day, the german coalition was started 
2016 This year, the global ministerial submitted the organized first time 
2019 The creation of world patient safety day ensures patients’ safety from harmful medication.

How to Observe World Patient Safety Day?

The government, nongovernmental organizations, private institutions, patients, and caregivers organized various events and competitions to raise awareness about world patient safety day. 

On this day, the monuments are decorated with orange lightning as a symbol of contribution to the patient’s health. 

Social media is the most powerful tool, the hub of information, and the best way to promote awareness about world patient safety day. 

Facts About Patients Safety Day

  1. According to the report of the world health organization, it is recorded that in all over the w, world more than 1 million people die after surgery due to lousy medication. 
  2. Yearly more than 2 million people suffer from inadequate healthcare 
  3. According to the report of the World Health Organization, newborn mortality, and stillbirth are reduced 
  4. Patient harm is now number 14 on the list of global disease burdens affecting patients’ lives.

Dates Of World Patient Safety Day

Year  Day  Date 
2023 September 17 Sunday 
2024 September 17 Tuesday 
2025 September 17 Thursday 
2026 September 17 Friday 


It is an important occasion for the whole world as it will help provide individual rights and safety to the patients.  It is celebrated all over the world.  Well-known organizations such as WHO and others also contribute to this and set up various campaigns and seminars to motivate people to stand for their patient safety right.  It is also our responsibility to come forward, show our contribution, and encourage others.


1. What do you understand by the patient safety culture?

Ans: This culture describes the awareness promoted by the organizations to reflect the safety of patients 

2. How did the national patient safety goals come about?

Ans: In 2002, the joint commission was created, namely a national patient safety goal to protect the patient from harmful medication and unsafe techniques.

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