International Nurse Day

 International Nurse Day

International nurse day is celebrated on May 12 every year all over the world. It is an international occasion to celebrate the contribution of nurses to the medical field. Nurses play an essential and immersible role in our lives, but we never appreciate their work. However, international nurse day motivates and enjoys nurses on this other occasion worldwide. As time grows, the availability of technology also increases. We always appreciate doctors for their work, but we have yet to talk about the critical vital of nurses towards the health of their patients. We call doctors god, but we never talk about the importance of nurses. In the same way, every year, we celebrate this international nurse day to raise awareness among people about the work of nurses and their contribution to safety and well–being.  

History Of International Nurse Day

International nurse day was celebrated on the birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale, a famous nurse. International nurse day has been celebrated since 1954 every year and provides extensive and resin extensive status to all those nurses who have been working for the welfare of the patients. In 1974, after various proposals and rejections finally, the confirmation for the celebration was passed by President Nixon. As time passes, it becomes a world occasion. However, all the countries started celebrating it. Millions of students opt for nurse jobs. So it is our responsibility to honor their opinion. All those nurses who have been working do not care about their health while working for patients and their occupations. It is a step forward and shows our contribution to appreciating all the nurses in the world.

Why To Celebrate International Nurse Day?

Undoubtedly, nurses are the most critical part essential medical field. They do all the side work during work surgeries. We must respect the motivation of the nurses as they are an integral part of the patient and the doctor’s life. All the nurses are appreciated for their work during international nurse day. Most hospitals celebrate it by organizing seminars and awarding gifts to the most hardworking nurses—even various organizations contain material for the nurses to appreciate their work.

Previous Themes Of International Nurse Day

Year  Theme 
1988 The theme is safe motherhood od 
1989 School Health 
1990 Nurse and environment 
1991 Mental health- a nurse in action 
1992 Healthy Aging
1993 Quality, cost, and our cost
1994 Healthy families for a healthy nation
1995 Women’s Health – Nurses pave the way 
1996 Better health through nursing research
1997 Healthy young people –a brighter future 
1998 Partnership for community health
1999 Celebrating nurse’s past claiming and future 
2000 Nurse – always there for you 
2001 The Nurses are always there for you, united against violence 
2002 The nurse is always there for you, caring for families
2003 Nurses fighting AIDS stigma working for all 
2004 A nurse working with the poor against poverty 
2005  Nurse for patient safety targeting counter fit medicines and substandard medication 
2006 Save staffing, save lives
2007 Positive practice environments, quality workplace, quality patient care 
2008 Delivering quality serving communities leading primary health care and social care 
2009 Delivering quality serving communities nurse leading chronic care innovation
2010 Delivering quality serving communities nurse leading chronic care  
2011 l closing the gap- from evidence to action
2012 Closing the gap- increasing access and equity  
2013 Closing the gap- millennium development goal
2014 Nurse- a force for change, a vital resource for health 
2015 Nurse- a force for change care, practical, cost-effective
2016 Nurse- a force for change improving the health system 
2017 Nurse a voice of lead – health is a human right 
2018 Nurse a voice of lead –  achieving the sustainable development goals 
2019 Nurse a voice to lead – health for all 
2020 Nurse a voice to lead – a vision for the future 
2021 Nurse- a voice to lead a vision for future health
2022 Nurses make a difference 

Timeline Of International Nurse Day

50 AD The first church Christians recorded was named St. Paul 
1859 Florence nightingale – the first annual manual was published 
1872 Establishment of the first nursing school in England 
1974 To promote the hard work of nurses, establish the international nurse council. 

Activities Of International Nurse Day

  • Innovation and creativity is the best way to make people happy. You should make a simple and beautiful card for your favorite nurse, sing a song, and thank them for caring for you. 
  • We all know that nurses work 24*7, so it is better to appreciate her by making coffee for her and giving them a simple foot and head massage. 
  • Memory is a beautiful thing. It would help if you shared some memories and pictures with your nurse on your social media account to celebrate nurse day. It makes them happy.

International Nurse Day In Various Countries

Some countries celebrate nurse day on different dates. However, some of them are:

Country  South Africa
Holiday Pregnancy awareness day 
Occasion  This day is celebrated to educate people about pregnancy and its complications. It also raises awareness about a healthy body for no difficulties in pregnancy.
Date  February 10 – 16 


Country  India 
Holiday  National deworming day
Occasion Nationalism day is celebrated to raise awareness about the increasing number of worms inside the intestine of children mostly. It will help to provide precautionary measures to prevent it.
Date  February 10 


Country  Russia 
Holiday  International Day of the doctors 
Occasion It is celebrated to encourage and motivate doctors for their excellent lent work and welfare. It must be honored as the most respected and old profession.
Date  First Monday of October 


Country  Canada 
Holiday  FND awareness day  
Occasion  This day is celebrated to raise awareness about neurological disorder and their precautions. 
Date  April 13

 Facts About Nurses

  • All over the world, there are almost 2000,000 nurses are registered every year 
  • According to the reports of the world health organization, there are only 10% of male nurses 
  • The nurse is derived from nutrients, which are considered wet nurse
  • s. Florence Nightingale tells about the sanitation and hygiene practices and uniforms of nurses 

Dates Of International Nurse Day

Year  Day Date
2023  May 12  Friday 
2024 May 12  Sunday 
2025 May 12  Monday 
2026 May 12  Tuesday 
2027 May 12  Thursday
2028 May 12  Friday 
2029 May 12  Saturday 


International nurse day is celebrated on May 12, a global event. It is celebrated every year worldwide, and various nurses give their whole life to their patients and the hospitals. However, it is our responsibility to appreciate their work in their profession. We should celebrate this occasion to motivate every nurse to the remarkable result. Various organizations organize seminars and campaigns to raise awareness we should also contribute to these campaigns. 


1. What is the central role of the nurse in the patient’s life ?

Ans: We all know that nurses care for patients more than doctors and spend more time with them. The main work of nurses is writing charts, making attending cards for doctors, taking care of the past, isn’t and monitoring their medicines.

2. What is ICN stands for?

Ans: The ICN international council of nurses this council educates and guides nurses while forming a dependable network.

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