World Pneumonia Day

 World Pneumonia Day

World pneumonia day is observed on 12th November every year. It is an important occasion through which we can raise our voices against the rising causes of pneumonia. It is one of the leading diseases in various countries of the world. Thousands of people die due to pneumonia every year. It is one of the most spread diseases which needs proper medication to recover. World pneumonia day is celebrated to raise awareness about the most contingent infection, as many people have lost their lives due to this disease. It is easily observed that children and adults become weak with time. During winter, many infants and children suffer from this respiratory inflation disease. Various reasons are responsible for this infectious disease. In this article, we will provide information regarding world pneumonia day, its theme, its significance, its observance, etc. 


The idea for the formation of world pneumonia day was initiated in 2010. However, the first case of pneumonia was observed on 12 November 2009. Various research was started to identify the cause and treatment of pneumonia, an unidentified disease. At first, pneumonia affected children in large numbers, and many lost their lives due to a lack of medication. After some time UNICEF and WHO ( World Health Organization ) came into action and decided to save the world from this deadly disease. They prepared proper plans and started researching the causes and effects of pneumonia on the body. Pneumonia has become a global disease and started rupturing a person’s lungs. Various people have lost their family members. It becomes necessary to save the population of the world from pneumonia. 

Theme Of World Pneumonia Day 2022

The theme for world pneumonia day was “Championing the fight to stop Pneumonia”. Various people have been suffering from pneumonia, and some have even lost their loved ones. It is one of the deadliest diseases and needs to be stopped. However, it can only be stopped if we all show our contribution to this. Many people need to learn more about world pneumonia day. Still, with the help of international pneumonia day, we can motivate more and more people to stand against the rising disease. Various campaigns are organized to encourage more and more people. We can only fight against any condition if we fight with unity. 

Significance Of World Pneumonia Day

World pneumonia day is an important global occasion that has passed for around 12 years, raising awareness. There is a large population who suffers from pneumonia every year; some of them even die due to this. However, world pneumonia day helps to create awareness about pneumonia and its causes worldwide. People must be educated to raise their voices and help others. The motive and the goal of world pneumonia day can only be achieved when no person is affected by pneumonia and will end the world entirely.  

What Is Pneumonia?

Pneumonia is a disease that affects the respiratory o, organs of the lungs. It makes breathing difficult when the lungs are filled with liquid. It is a contagious disease that spreads through coughing and sneezing, and the primary agent which helps it to extend is fluid, bacteria, and fungi. These agents are also known as streptococcus pneumonia, which occurs in children. Apart from that, Haemophiles influenza is the second most common bacterial for pneumonia.

The symptoms of pneumonia are:

  1. High fever,
  2. Weakness,
  3. Cough and phlegm,
  4. Breathing problem,
  5. It increased the rate of pulse. 

Treatment of Pneumonia

  • The primary preventive measure is hygiene and vaccination. Pneumonia has three vaccination doses under the universal immunization program.
  • Entirely smoking – Smoking is the main factor causing pneumonia. It affects the breathing ability of the lungs. By quitting smoking, you can reduce the chances of suffering from pneumonia. 
  • Practice good hygiene – Good hygiene habits are essential. They can decrease the chances of respiratory infections, influenza, and colds. You follow basic hygiene steps like washing your hands before eating, using sanitizer, and maintaining proper oral hygiene.

Causes of Pneumonia

  • Bacterial cause – It is the most common cause of spreading pneumonia, also known as streptococcus pneumonia. This type of pneumonia occurred after the cold and flu and damaged one part of the lungs.
  • Viruses – Pneumonia that occurs by the virus is seen mainly in children below the age of 5 years. This type of pneumonia is treated at home because it is mild and not that much dangerous.

Facts About Pneumonia and World Pneumonia Day

  1. It is a disease that spreads through cough, sneezing, and fluids. The primary agent responsible for spreading pneumonia is bacteria, virus, and fungus.
  2. Streptococcus is a bacterial found in children below the age of 5 years.
  3. According to the report of the world health organization, more than 14 lakh people died because of pneumonia. 
  4. Pneumococcal pneumonia is the most common bacteria found in old age people 
  5. According to the reports, 16lakh pneumonia death are caused due to smoking and air pollution 
  6. The world health organization and UNICEF introduced an integrated global action plan to prevent pneumonia.


World pneumonia day is a global event held annually that helps to encourage and educate people about pneumonia. Many of the population need to learn more about prevention and pneumonia. However, world pneumonia day will help to inform ordinary people about pneumonia.  


1. What is the aim of world pneumonia day?

Ans: World pneumonia day aims to educate more and more people, and there will be no death till 2025.

2. Who is mainly infected by pneumonia?

Ans: Usually, adults above 65 and infants and small children are likely to get infected by pneumonia more. 

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