World Polio Day

 World Polio Day

According to the report of the world health organization, there has been a decrease in poliovirus cases since 1980 because of the supply of vaccination worldwide. World polio day was observed on October 24 to promote awareness about polio and its vaccination and educate people on fighting against strong poliovirus. World polio day monitoring by the national government and the world health organization with the initiative of global polio education. The organization’s primary focus is to spread information about poliomyelitis and its preventive measures.

History Of World Polio Day

World polio day is considered the birth anniversary of Jonas Salk. He was the first who discover the inactivated polio vaccine (IPV). First, this day was organized by the rotary international and international services organization to promote integrity, unity, goodwill, peace, and worldwide understanding. The national government and world health organization set global polio education initiatives to monitor the effect of the disease in the last three decades. 

The Theme Of World Polio Day 2022

The 2022 theme was a healthier future for mothers and children. This theme represents the progress in fighting the polio virus and protects mothers and children. The main aim of this theme is to provide a better and healthy life for mother and child. The government made many initiatives and organized many immunization programs to promote and educate people about vaccination, prevention, and treatment. However, this helps the children to achieve total growth and development.  

What Is Polio?

According to the world health organization, polio is a highly infectious and viral disease affecting many people. It is a deadly disease that breaks the immune system and causes disability and life-threatening diseases.

Symptoms  There are no prominent symptoms in some people. It shows minor symptoms like a fever or nasal congestion. Headache, cough, stiffness, etc., but in some rare cases, it shows permanent loss of muscles and brain infection.
Transmission – the primary agent for transmitting this disease was food and water, transferred from person to person. In the first stage, this virus affects the intestine and then attacks the immune system resulting in the person becoming paralyzed and death
Vaccine  Immunization is the only key to curing this disease. The polio vaccine is beneficial in protecting children from deadly diseases. 

There are two types of vaccines. 

  1. Inactivated poliovirus vaccine is an injection injected into the arm and leg. It is an additional dose with 3rd dose Of the department under the universal immunization program
  2. The oral poliovirus vaccine is given orally at birth, then the primary three doses are given at 6,10,14 weeks, and after that booster dose will be given at 16-24 weeks.

Polio Status In India

On 27th march 2014, India received a certificate with Southeast Asia regions. According to the world health organization and the global polio eradication initiative, there is no savior polio case detected in India, and our country has become a polio-free country. However, before 2014 India faced a tough time, time India was considered one of the most challenging places in the world to eradicate polio. However, the government organizes many surveillance systems, vaccination programs, and more to escape that situation.

Timeline Of World Polio Day

1970 Immunization efforts in developing countries, as a result, vaccines are introduced all over the world 
1985 Rotary International introduced a vaccine for the children 
1988 The global polio eradication initiatives made a strategy with the world health organization to stop polio
2019 Type three eradication 

How to observe World Polio Day?

  1. The most critical step you should take to stop the spread of polio was offered your money, time, and voice. Arrange campaigns to promote awareness about polio and its effective measures because it helps people.
  2. You also arrange fundraisers like walk and run events, dance and singing programs, and many more to earn money and then donate it to any organization. It is a considerable step 6 toward helping polio-suffering people.
  3. Vaccination is the most important thing. It helps children fight against polio because it has an asymptotic poliovirus carrier that protects the children from the deadly poliolio virus.

Amazing Facts About Polio

  1. According to the world health organization, polio affects children mainly because of their weak immune systems.
  2. Of 200 people, one has permanent paralysis, and their muscles become mobilized. According to the reports, around 5% to 10% of people are dying. 
  3. Many countries increase their mobility and ability to monitor and immunize their population with social efforts by arranging campaigns, promoting awareness, etc.
  4. Since 1988 the number of cases is dropped from 350,000, and in 2016, found only 37 cases.

Dates Of World Polio Day

Year  Day  Date 
2023 October 24 Tuesday 
2024 October 24 Thursday 
2025 October 24 Friday 
2026 October 24 Saturday 
2027 October 24 Sunday 

Importance Of Celebration Of World Polio Day

  1. The main important factor in celebrating world polio day was spreading knowledge about polio. Its vaccination and preventive measures. We all know that awareness is critical, and the government has made many campaigns to promote awareness about polio and the deadly polio virus.
  2. It helps to save lives. There is much technology to fight the eradicated polio virus, and the number of cases is reduced from 350.000 in 1998 to only 37 points in 2016.
  3. The main aim of the polio vaccine is to eradicate the polio virus and stop the spread of the virus by arranging campaigns and education about polio.


World polio day is organized on October 24 annually to provide awareness about polio disease and its preventive measures. World health organizations and the government have arranged many campaigns and programs to raise wanes about the importance of vaccination. Many nongovernment organizations and young volunteers also support these types of movements through their hard work.


1-what are the significant signs and symptoms of polio 

Ans: The primary signs are high fever, exhaustion, headache, nausea, stiff neck, paralysis, difficulty breathing, difficulty swallowing, and limb pain.

2-What is the polio eradication initiative? 

Ans: The initiative for polio day was launched in 1988 by WHO. However, the main aim of this initiative is to make the world polio-free. 

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