World Red Cross Day

 World Red Cross Day

8Th May is observed as World Red Cross day every year globally. It is also called the Red Crescent movement. It is celebrated on the occasion of the noble prize winner and the founder of World Red Cross day, Henry Dunant. It is one of the signs held annually with great enthusiasm as many people contribute to this. Various organizations work in collaboration so that they can raise awareness about the implementation and importance of World Red Cross day. Red Cross committees work for the social welfare of people worldwide. World Red Cross day is to teach and train people to provide help during the pandemic, disasters or viral diseases, etc.   

History Of World Red Cross Day

World Red Cross day is celebrated on the birth anniversary of the Nobel prize winner Henry Dunant. He was even the founder of World Red Cross Day. It is celebrated on 8th May and is considered one of the most extensive events. The idea for the formation of World Red Cross day arrived in 1862. Later in 1863, an international Red Cross committee was founded in Switzerland. It is one of the most needed committees which have helped millions of victims of war and disaster-prone areas. They help in protecting the living rights of people around the world. World Red Cross day is celebrated to raise awareness among people nationally or internationally so that they can help more and more people. World Red Cross committees and societies work under the guidelines, and the red cross helps by providing them with a way to tackle all situations. 

World Red Cross day motivates a large number of people so that they can come forward and contribute to this important day. However, every year millions of people come forward and work for human rights and respect worldwide. There are many people whose freedom of living has been exploited by others, and it even protects them from various issues. The symbol of World Red Cross day defines the humanitarian movement worldwide. They safeguard and preserve the lives of human being and helps the whole world and the citizens. 

World Red Cross Day 2022 Theme

The theme of World Red Cross day 2022 was “BeHUMANKIND.” The theme of World Red Cross day is an integral part of the occasion. It helps in telling people about the day and its importance. Many people need to live a basic life. They even lack to have basic amenities to spend their lives. However, natural disasters and pandemics make their lives worse. And during this situation, Red Cross Committees come forward to help these people and save their lives from all these problems. The government also plays a vital role by providing funds so that it can benefit more and more people from this. Every year various campaigns and seminars are organized by the Red Cross society worldwide.

  • World Red Cross day 2015 Theme – “ Together for humanity.”
  • World Red Cross day 2016 Theme is “ Everywhere for everyone.”
  • World Red Cross day 2017 Theme “ Less known red cross stories.”
  • World Red Cross day 2018 Theme is “memorable smiles from all over the world.”
  • World Red Cross day 2019 Theme is “ love.”
  • World Red Cross day 2021 Theme “ together; we are unstoppable.”
  • World Red Cross day 2022 Theme “ BeKindHuman.”

Principles Of Red Cross Society

There are seven principles of Red Cross society which implemented while working for the people and their welfare. Seven principles of the world Red Cross society are given below:

  • Impartiality: While working for the welfare of the people, it is necessary to have an impartial eye toward people. We should not make any sarcasm or discrimination based on religion, caste, creed, or race. It is our responsibility to help without judging and being impartial to them. We should help everyone.
  • Independence: There should be complete independence for providing help to whomever they want. As it is an independent revolution for helping each person as one community. However, it should provide them with complete independence to work freely.
  • Neutrality: It is necessary to have a neutral environment where people cannot be distinguished based on religion, caste, etc. It is essential to have a neutral situation to work freely and help everyone in need.
  • Humanity: The prime motive of the Red Cross community is to make a prosperous environment and help each person. It is essential to help other humans as it is humanity’s responsibility, and it always works by keeping a kind attitude, as humanity is the most prominent religion.
  • Unity: While working for a community or a nation, it is necessary to have a united attitude. As the main goal is to help people with unusual essentials. All the volunteers must be kind and united to help the people.
  • Universality: There is a universal status for every volunteer, every organization, and every community. The primary and prime work of the Red Cross committee is to help people, and everyone is working on this issue only. So it is necessary to work with equality as every organization and volunteer is equal.
  •  Voluntary service: the work of the Red Cross committee is to provide welfare to people without worrying about loss or gain. There should be no space for individuality in this organization because the only thing that matters is the nation and the welfare of its citizens.

Facts About Red Cross

Some of the most common Red Cross facts are given below:

  • There is a specific app of the Red Cross that helps with timely updates about disasters worldwide. It also provides all the details about world red cross day.
  • It helps to provide sudden and proper treatment to all the people who suffer from natural calamity and disband stern.
  • There are about 50 % of female volunteers on the committee. They work as equally as men for the welfare of needy people.
  • The Red Cross society is one of the most comprehensive and vastly expanded committees, which helps millions every month.


World Red Cross day is an important event for the whole world. The formation of world Red Cross day is done to help people in disastrous situations. It even guarantees complete and proper treatment during a calamity or pandemic. They have been working for people for many years. We should stand for them and should show our contribution by donating.


1. What does Red Cross stand for?

Ans: Red Cross means to protect those who are hurt. However, the Red Cross committee helps people to overcome the harmful effects of war, natural disasters, calamities, etc.

2. What are the three symbols of the Red Cross?

Ans: The three symbols of the Red Cross are – The Red Cross, The Red Crystal, and The Red Crescent. This signified the implementation of the Red Cross worldwide and became an important occasion for the deity of the people.

3. What are the colors of the Red Cross flag?

Ans: The colors of the Red Cross flag are red and white, which implies harmony and dignity toward the world and its citizens. It was formed right after the formation of World Red Cross day and became a symbol of togetherness and kindness.

4. When was Red Cross founded?

Ans: Clara Barton founded Red Cross on 21st May 1881 in Europe. 

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