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World Mental Health Day

According to the world health organization, world mental health day is organized on ten October every year. For the past 70 years, many organizations have been working to treat mental health equally to physical health. Nowadays, mental problems exist everywhere, like families, offices, communities, etc., and it is the main reason which affects our daily life and health. Mental health day is an opportunity to provide information about mental health and how we care for their health. 

The world federation of mental health is responsible for establishing this day. The world’s mental health is a sensitive matter for the individual and society. If a person is suffering from a mental health issue, then people call him crazy and lunatic, and it becomes very hurtful for the person who has a mental illness. World mental health day is considered one of the most critical days, discussing mental health and its preventive measures. 

History Of World Mental Health Day

In 1992, richard hunter, the deputy secretary general of the world federation of mental health, was responsible for establishing this day. Initially, this day was celebrated on the ten October every year, with no specific theme. Still, its main aim is to promote awareness about mental health and educate people about its relevant issues. The first theme of world mental health day was suggested by secretary general Eugene brody in 1994, and the theme was improving the quality of mental health services throughout the world.

The Theme Of World Mental Health Day 2022

The theme of the year 2022 was making mental health and well-being for all a global priority. All over the world, around 75% to 95% of people are suffering from mental disorders, mainly in developing countries. In developing countries, people do not have that many good income sources that help them access mental health services. People’s pay is much better in developed countries than in developing countries.

Important Facts Related To World Mental Health 2022

  • All over the world, around 1 billion people are suffering from a mental disorder 
  • Depression is the leading cause of disability and weal mental health. According to the data, around 5% of people are suffering from depression across the world.
  • Of seven people, one person has a mental disorder, mainly from age 10 to 19 years. According to  the world health organization, depression starts from the period of 14 year 
  • Thousands of death occur due to mental disorders, and depression 

List Of Themes Of World Mental Health Day

  • 1996- women and mental health 
  • 1997 children and mental health 
  • 19198- mental health and human rights 
  • 1999- mental health and aging 
  • 2000-2001—mental health and work 
  • 2002- the effect of trauma  and violence on children and adolescents 
  • 2003- emotional and behavioral disorders of children and adolescents 
  • 2004- the relationship between physical and mental health 
  • 2005- mental and physical health across the lifespan 
  • 2006- building awareness 
  • 2007- mental health in a changing world: the impact of culture and diversity 
  • 2008- making mental health a global priority 
  • 2009- mental health in primary care 
  • 2010- mental health and chronic physical illness 
  • 2011- the great push- investing in mental health 
  • 2012- depression a global crisis 
  • 2013- mental health and older adults
  • 2014- living with schizophrenia
  • 2015- dignity in mental health 
  • 2016- psychological and mental health first aid 
  • 2017- mental health in the workplace 
  • 2018- young people and mental health in changing world 
  • 2019-mental health promotion and suicide prevention 

Significance Of World Mental Health Day

This day is celebrated for facing several mental health-related issues. Nowadays, a large population suffers from bad mental health, which causes social stigma and a lack of understanding. In 1992 the world federation for mental health established this day to [promote awareness about mental health. The first theme of this day was the quality of mental health services. It is easy and essential to be overwhelmed by your daily work and roles when performing your daily duty as a parent, employee, etc. personal time and personal space are significant for everyone. 

  • It can clear your mind, and you should improve sleep quality, which is very helpful for reducing stress. 
  • Process your emotions is very important 
  • Promote relaxation 

The Government Initiatives for World mental health

The government also takes immediate action on this type of affair. They introduce many schemes and programs like 

  • Mental healthcare 2017- this act came into force in 2018 with the collaboration of the united nation convention on the right of a person with a disability 
  • Kiran helpline- it provides rehabilitation services for mental health with the aim of early screening, first aid, psychological support, stress management, etc.
  • Manodarpan-  the ministry of human resource development introduced this scheme under Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan. The main aim of this scheme is to support the students, family members, and teachers in their mental health.


Mental health day is celebrated on 10th October every year. Many governments and nongovernment organizations came together to promote awareness of people’s mental health., Almost half of the population suffers from mental disorders, stress, and depression. So it is essential to encourage these types of people and educate them about mental illnesses and their harmful impact.


1. What is the common mental health disorder found all over the found?

Ans: The most common mental illness is stress, and according to the data, 5% of adults are suffering from this disorder

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