World Suicide Prevention Day

 World Suicide Prevention Day

World suicide prevention day is on 10th September 2023. It is held every year all over the world. The international association initiated World suicide prevention day for suicide prevention ( IAPS ) and later lifted WHO ( world health organization ). Every country contributes to the prevention of the rising issue of suicide. In this article, we will provide information on world suicide prevention day.

For a long time, suicide has become a global issue, and the prevention of suicide is necessary. However, world suicide prevention day helps in raising awareness against the practice of suicide. Every citizen of the country needs to know the essential measures against suicide. The primary and prime goal of world suicide prevention day is to prevent people from the reasons of suicide worldwide. Various people have lost their lives due to suicide.

However, reasons can be anything, but this action can also harm the lives of an individual and the family. Every year various programs are organized to raise awareness against suicide. Nowadays, its become quite common for people to commit suicide because it is the only thing to escape from problems, but world suicide prevention day will help to motivate and provide complete counseling. A lack of positivity in life leads to the decision of suicide. While world suicide prevention day is to help the growing population of the country tackles activity in life. 

Suicide can be prevented with the support of family, friends, and colleagues during bad times. There are various platforms where you can share your experiences about the loss of lives of your loved ones. Thousands of people have already lost their lives. Since 2019, around 97,339 have lost their lives due to suicide. 

History Of World Suicide Prevention Day

Everyone should contribute to this occasion and motivate others not to attempt suicide. The initiative of world suicide prevention day was mutually taken by the WHO ( world health organization ) and the national internet association for suicide prevention. It was formed in 1999, it has been celebrated every year, and the whole world contributes to this occasion so that more and more people will be encouraged.

The Theme Of The Themed Suicide Prevention Day 2022

The theme of world suicide prevention day 2022 was ” creating hope through actions. ” The largest population who commits suicide nowadays belongs to younger and teenagers only. However, it has become tough to stop these suicides. But with the help of world suicide prevention day, we can raise our voices for ourselves and our loved ones. We should stand for every person and give them hope to live more happily.

Reasons For Suicide Among Youth

Suicide is something that can affect anyone, whether it is an old citizen or a teenager. The feeling of suicide is still unbearable for some people. Some have to deal with this quite hard feeling. World suicide prevention day will help us motivate and remove these suicidal threats. Mostly the suicide feeling arises when your heart becomes emotionless and you feel hopeless about everything in your life. It is the highest when you need to escape for help. Your one decision can ruin your life and your family. If you have various issues in your life, it can eventually lead to thoughts of suicide. Some of the main causes of suicide among youth are given below:

  • Mental issues
  • Relationship issues
  • Physical issues
  • Housing issues
  • Decrease of loving ones
  • Social discrimination, such as racism, bullying, etc.
  • Long time disease
  • Abuse in marriage 
  • Financial issues
  • Loneliness issues
  • Sexual discrimination
  • Religious pressure

Various people have suicidal thoughts and then prefer talking to their closest ones. If you have no one you can share with, visit a psychiatrist. It is the moment when everyone needs some support, and having someone nearby stimulates all your feelings.

Why Are Some Groups More At Risk Of Suicide?

Various groups garner the most from these suicidal thoughts, such as LGBTQ, transgender or o, or other communities. The rights of these communities are still dominated over time. But in recent years, various organizations have been paying some attention to the rights of these groups. These people or assemblies cannot talk about their rights as the fear of being judged is always there. However, the wish to have a good and respectful societal position is still an unachieved dream. There is a large number of male communities who commit suicide because of more social and economic pressure. It is believed that men cannot talk about their feelings as they do, so they are termed weak. Hence, they never speak about their inner feelings. 

Transgender or lesbians tend to take their own lives compared to ordinary people. They have to face various issues about their individuality. Excessive from society and their loved ones strain their feelings towards their life. There are multiple organizations areng these communities in different ways. 

How To Prevent Suicide?

  • Strengthen economic support: Economic problems will lead to various mental and emotional issues.   When someone faces the econ problems, it will affect their mental health. So always try to strengthen your economic stability.
  • Create a protective environment: if a person does not get the appropriate setting, it will directly affect the health of the person. Try to avoid a relationship with those people who are toxic. And reducing the amount of alcohol consumption will help to restrain the Phys health.
  • Identify and support people at risk: It is necessary to take good care of your close ones. Try good communication will provide mental stability to the people. Make interactions with those people who are suffering from anxiety and depression.
  • Lessen harm and prevent future risk: There are various situations where you cannot talk about your problems with people. But if you have overcome those thoughts and suicidal feelings, it will become easy for you to respond and help others.


The problem of suicidal risks is increasing due to excessive pressure and anxiety. It is essential to prevent suicide because it affects affection individually and impacts the whole family and friends group. There is various organization that helps you to overcome familiar feeling. Having someone with whom you can have good conversations and talk about your problems can help reduce the pain, affecting mental stability.


1. What should you do if someone tells you they are thinking about suicide?

Ans: If someone talks about having suicidal thoughts, then rapidly tell them about the consequences of these thoughts. Though that person has a mental illness then, it can lead to various issues.

2. Why is world suicide prevention day celebrated?

Ans: World suicide prevention day is celebrated to raise awareness against suicidal attempts among teenagers. It helps provide mental peace to people by enabling them with all kinds of depression.

3. What was the theme of world suicide prevention day 2022?

Ans: The world suicide prevention day 2022 theme was ” creating hopes through action,” With this theme, people want to encourage the ones who have lost all of their hopes.

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