World Trauma Day – History and Importance

 World Trauma Day – History and Importance

World trauma day is celebrated on 17th October all over the world. It is a global event held annually at a vast level. World trauma day is initiated by various organizations that want to contribute to the mental health of the growing youth. Nowadays, people are suffering from several types of traumas. Many people don’t know what trauma is. So we will provide you with information regarding this.

Trauma refers to an incident that causes some harm to our physical and mental health. Some people will be unable to do this physical damage, eventually leading to lifelong fear. The physical damage can even cause disability for a long time, making a person lose all hope and trauma. Accidents and injuries are not the only reason for trauma among people. Some males and females experience emotional damage, which makes them mentally strained. Hence they prefer leaving alone, and it creates a situation of trauma. 

Some people had an injury from an accident, burn, or fall, which make sense of the person being frightened of that person. World trauma is celebrated worldwide to raise awareness of daily injuries and mishaps. It needs to stop because it causes multiple kinds of trauma among people. There are various reasons for trauma among people. However, it should prevent.

Why Is World Trauma Day Observed?

The prime motive of world trauma day is to spread awareness and educate people regarding the rising issue of trauma seen among people. It is essential to support those who have suffered from any incident. However, world trauma day will help you to gain information on how to prevent trauma situations in life. Various camps and campaigns are organized to help people to overcome their trauma. It is the most beneficial way to adhere to those who have had a bad past and suffered trauma. 

World trauma day helps trauma victim and encourage them to overcome their fear. And it will also motivate people to help those who have suffered from a trauma back in time. Various organizations help to set up induction programs. However, multiple motivators help to encourage people. And many arrangements are made to help the person. People can even interact with each other to talk about their everyday problems. 

History Of World Trauma Day

The first world trauma day was initiated in 2011. Since then, it has been celebrated yearly to help and encourage people at a greater level. It is a global event, but it originated in Delhi. The motive and history behind the origination of world trauma day are that the capital of India – Delhi, has been facing vital accidents every day. Approximately 400 people left their lives in every single road accident all over the country. Therefore, it is significant damage to the workforce of the country. However, various organizations and communities thought of making a particular day for teaching people about the effects of these accidents on the life and future of the country and the whole world.

The Theme Of World Trauma Day 2022

The theme of world trauma day 2022 is “History Ad Importance. ” Trauma has become a crucial issue against the health of the youth. We need to take the initiative to raise awareness against trauma. People are not educated enough about trauma and its effect. Everyone should contribute on this important day and raise their voice, so we do not face tragic accidents. 

Importance Of World Trauma Day

Traumatic accidents and incidents have been harming humanity. If we discuss the problems it is causing, everyone has faced such kind of incident once in their life. However, the rate of traumatic incidents is still increasing rapidly. World trauma day was formed to help people and provide practical measures to tackle post-traumatic issues. It will also give knowledge on the casualties you can face after the accidents. In 2021, WHO stated that almost 50 lakh people die yearly in road accidents. The physical injury caused by the accidents can even lead to permanent disability. However, road accidents are the prime cause of trauma among people around the whole world. 

Measures You Can Take While Having A Road Trip

Even if you cannot stop what is going to happen, you can still take measures to prevent yourself from these mishappening. Try always to follow preventive measures. However, some of the tips to avoid road injuries are given below:

  1. Always follow the road safety rules such as traffic light rules, left side rules, right side rules, etc. it will help you to overcome any accident.
  2. Refrain from speeding on lonely roads as there are chances to get clashed with other vehicles. 
  3. Always wear helmets while driving two–wheelers and seat belts on four-wheelers.
  4. Avoid using mobile phones, etc., as it can cause distraction.
  5. Always keep first aid kits in your vehicles so they can use them in some mild accidents.
  6. Try to learn the various survival techniques, as they can be beneficial for you and others during the time of accidents.
  7. Avoid driving if you have sleepy eyes or feel tired; there are chances of more accidents in this situation.
  8. Avoid driving late at night as it is not safe for the lives of the passengers and the drivers. 


World trauma day will help to acknowledge people about the causes of accidents in a person’s life. People are always in a hurry, eventually leading to mishaps. Trauma not only the physical health but also ruins mental and emotional health. However, the causes of mental and emotional reasons are relationship issues, domestic abuse, etc., which strain the ability of a person to think. Some people even face social interaction issues due to traumas. Various accidents occur every day all around the world. However, if we start estimating the exact number of daily accidents, we will be amazed to know the enormous harm it is causing humankind. Therefore, we should contribute to world trauma day to educate and motivate people about the preventive measures of having traumas.


1. Why is World trauma day celebrated?

Ans: World trauma day is celebrated to raise awareness against worldwide rising accidents that harm humankind.

2. What are the different types of traumas?

Ans: Different types of traumas are – bullying, disaster, early childhood traumas, intimate partner violence, physical abuse, medical trauma, etc.

3. What was the theme of world trauma day 2022?

Ans: The theme of world trauma day 2022 was – “the importance of prevention and how everyone can contribute to making the world a safer place.”

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