World Heart Day

 World Heart Day

World heart day is an important event organized every year on 29 September. On this day, various activities have been scheduled to promote awareness among people about heart diseases and different measures to protect the heart from other cardiovascular diseases. The main aim of organizing this event was to educate people about the sign and symptoms of cardiovascular diseases and what complications occur because of an unhealthy lifestyle.

History Of World Heart Day

World health day is an initiative of Antoni baie de luna, a former president of the world health federation, along with the collaboration of the world health organization. World heart day was introduced on the year 1999 but was first officially celebrated on 24 September 2000. From 2000 to 2011, the primary aim of celebrating this day is to educate people about managing cardiovascular diseases. But from 2012 to 2025, curbed this idea with global mortality due to non-communicable conditions increased by 25 percent. 

Global leaders came together to participate in world heart day, that’s why this day is marked as international world heart day. However, more than 100 countries participated in this event to promote awareness and educate people about heart disease and its preventive measures.

World Heart Day Theme 2022

The theme of the year 2022 was used heart for every heart. Every year world heart day has a different theme to promote awareness about a healthy heart, and apart from that, the government also arranges campaigns globally to educate people about health. In 2022 the authorities focused on uniting people from all over the world to fight against cardiovascular diseases. 

The theme was – “use heart for every heart intended to address the people to have opportunities to use their thinking and action towards the betterment of humanity, nature, and itself, through which can cure huge mortality due to cardiovascular.”  

We all know that developing countries like India do not have adequate facilities to cure heart diseases, which is why this day is significant for promoting awareness about managing cardiovascular conditions in different countries. According to the data, more than 75% of people face death due to cardiovascular diseases, and organizing and promoting awareness of health programs to help humankind becomes very important.

Every human being contributes to health and a healthy nature, but unhealthy lifestyles are the main factor in a sudden heart attack. So it is essential to improve your lifestyle and include some good habits that will enhance your life and heart.

Importance Of World Heart Day

The heart is an essential organ of the body. Other organs’ functions depend on the heart’s nature; if the heart is not working correctly, it may cause fatality. So it becomes essential to take care of the prestigious organ of the body. However, nowadays, because of busy schedules, people don’t have that much time to take care of themselves, and due to a lack of awareness and an unhealthy lifestyle, cardiovascular is the main reason for morality. All over the world, around 1.7 crore people die due to cardiovascular diseases and which is equal to 31% of global mortality.

In cardiovascular diseases, heart attack and heart stroke are the most common conditions responsible for about 85% of death due to cardiovascular ailments. That’s why it is essential to celebrate world heart day to promote awareness among people related o heart health. Governments, other institutions, and organizations organized various events to promote awareness about a healthy heart and lifestyle.

Preventive Measures For A Healthy Heart

  1. It is essential to keep your heart healthy because it is a vital organ of the body and the functions of other body organs depend on the heart.
  2. It is essential to control your body mass index, which ranges from underweight =<18.5, normal weight=25-29.9, obesity=>30
  3. Control your blood pressure and high cholesterol level. This problem is known as hyperlipidemia. 
  4. It decreases sodium consumption because it promotes the risk of high blood pressure, known as hypertension.
  5. It is essential to understand the symptoms and consult with your doctors. 
  6. Opt healthy lifestyle instead of a sedentary lifestyle
  7. Monitoring your heart health through consultation and awareness programs 
  8. Eating a healthy diet is very  important, and avoiding junk food, smoking, alcohol, etc
  9. Managing stress is an essential factor that makes your heart fit.

Exercises Which Is Important For Cardiovascular Diseases

Cardiovascular means the health of blood vessels, and heart and blood vessels disease is a part of cardiovascular disease. Healthy life and a balanced diet are major factors in managing and controlling diseases like coronary heart disease, peripheral arterial disease, rheumatic heart disease, congenital heart disease,  vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, heart attack stroke, etc.

Various exercises which h helps to strengthen your heart muscles, manage high blood pressure and high cholesterol level, and control your body mass index. These exercises are given below:

Exercises Time duration  Importance 
Aerobic exercises  30min per day for five days a week  Brisk walking, swimming, cycling, tennis, and jumping rope are major aerobic exercises that improve blood circulation, bland blood pressure, and lower heart rate. Apart from this, it is so helpful to improve heart pumping and manage diabetes.
Resistance training  non-consecutive time days per week  Hand weight, dumbbells, barbells, weight machines, pushups, squats, and chin-ups are some resistance training exercises proven very good in controlling cholesterol levels, decreasing belly fat, etc.
Stretching, flexibility, and balance exercises  Every day before other exercises  Stretching is beneficial in coping with cardiovascular conditions and can cure joint pain, cramping, and other issues.

Some Important Facts

  • 115,000 is the number of times our heart beats in a day
  • 2000 is the number of gallons of blood pumped by the heart every day 
  • 1893 is the year in which the first open heart surgery occurred 
  • 35000 is the age at which the Egyptian mummy, the earliest known case of heart, has been identified 
  • 1200 – the number f farthest hearts beats per minute 
  • 1 pound – it is the weight of the human heart 
  • 60,000the number of blood vessels in a human body 
  • 15000 pounds – it is the weight of the human heart 
  • 1.5 gallons- the amount of blood pumped in a minute 


The heart is the most crucial part of the body and plays a significant role in supporting life, but people can damage it because of their nonhealthy lifestyle. This article will provide a temporary structure about heart health and world heart day, celebrating and promoting awareness about heart health. 


1. Why it is essential to celebrate world heart day 

Ans: The primary aim behind the celebrity of world heart day is to promote awareness and educate people about heart and heart diseases. Around 1.7 crore people die yearly because of heart disease, so educating and promoting awareness is essential. World heart day is a tool to promote awareness.

2. What is the theme of world heart day 2020? 

Ans: The theme of world heart day 2020 was to use the heart to beat the cardiovascular disease.

3. How we celebrate world heart day 

Ans: To celebrate world heart day, the government organized events like seminars, campaigns, marathons, etc., to promote awareness among people.

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