7 Weird Ways to Stay Healthy

 7 Weird Ways to Stay Healthy

Stay healthy with the following 7 weird ways. Being sick is a terrible thing. First, let’s state the obvious: no one likes to feel awful all day. And, as if your actual symptoms weren’t bad enough, you may also have to deal with working through the illness or getting someone to fill in for you at your job.

Then there are the costs of being sick. Even if you have good health insurance, chances are you’ll end up paying for something out of pocket: over-the-counter meds, extra tissues, or perhaps a seemingly lifetime supply of chicken soup. And if you don’t have health insurance, a doctor’s visit and a prescription or two sure add up fast.

So wouldn’t it be nice to avoid the whole ordeal altogether? If you’re on board with avoiding sickness, check out the weird tips below.

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1. Throw Away Old Make-Up

Personally, it is very easy for me to forget that make-up has a shelf life. But continuing to use old make-up, contacts, or other personal products that come in contact with the eye can lead to infections. So keep track of your date of purchase.

2. Get Upside Down

As in headstand and shoulder stand, the yoga poses. Reversing gravity’s effect on the body can ease back and neck pain and improve circulation. Contrary to what the internet might tell you, an inversion table isn’t necessary to get the hanging-upside-down benefits. Working on the yoga poses listed above will strengthen your core while it takes the pressure off your vertebrae, a serious double whammy for back pain. But, of course, check with your doctor before adding yoga to your routine.

3. Get Intimate

Kissing and having sex both lead to a healthy exchange of bacteria. This actually strengthens the immune system, keeping it in good shape by letting it fight off small amounts of pathogens. Sex has been shown to promote the production of IgA in the body, a protein that boosts your immune system.

4. Listen to Music

Strange but true: listening to music like jazz and soft rock has been shown to boost IgA, the same immune system assisting protein listed above that gets a lift from sex. Plus the heightened production remains for about thirty minutes after you turn the music off.

5. Laugh

They say that laughter is the best medicine. Well, it’s also great preventative medicine. Getting a good laugh gives you a mini core workout, improves brain function, lowers blood pressure, and helps keep your heart healthy. Plus, it reduces stress, one of the top reasons that people tend to get sick in the first place.

6. Be the Next American Idol…

In the privacy of your room, that is. Singing and dancing are both touted as fantastic stress reducers. Singing provides improved oxygen flow and dancing improves posture and gives you a fun workout. Self-conscious? Sing in the shower or your car, and bust a move in the privacy of your home.

7. Try New Recipes

And I don’t just mean for foods like “Triple Chocolate Pie.” Trying new foods will give your body natural access to a wider variety of nutrients. Try buying whatever fruits and veggies are in season and finding fun new ways to prepare them through cookbooks or the internet. I’ve discovered that I love Brussels sprouts, leafy greens, and grapefruit!

Of course, for best results, pair these stay-healthy tips with the classic stay-healthy advice: eat right, exercise, hydrate, and get plenty of sleep. But the next time someone gives you a weird look as you belt out soft rock classics in your car with your windows down, just tell them you’re doing it for your health.

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