Balancing Work and Personal Life: Tips and Strategies

 Balancing Work and Personal Life: Tips and Strategies

In recent times, everybody is busy with their work due to too much pressure in this running life. Every individual at their recent age, struggling too much. Like kids in government and private schools have a lot of books in their school bags, long-scheduled timings, extra classes, and then tuition classes which results in a hectic schedule without games, or extra-curricular activities. As the age grows, passing qualifications brings so much stress for the future to earn, or to achieve something good in life because of competition in every field as if it is school, college life, office, competitive exams like NEET, CA, NET, JRF, UPSC, SSC, DBT, etc. which have only a few seats for the students. And, due to these, they do not get time for themselves, they mix their work or struggling life with their personal life which leads to mental stress, depression, irritated mood, blood pressure problems, skin problems, etc.

Some tips and strategies to balance work and personal life:

It is very necessary to balance work and your personal life so that you feel alive, and you have your own life to love, care for, have fun, and enjoy. Here are some strategies for balancing your work, and personal life:

  1. Say no to excessive work: Leave your work at the workplace. Sometimes, if you work extra in an office on a daily basis, your boss will give you extra work daily in the office or says do it at home in the free meantime. Simply just say no to the extra or excessive work, so that you can spend time with your family or with yourself. 
  2. Personal life is not only about your family sometimes, it is necessary to spend time with your loved ones when you are worried, getting bored, want to do fun, or enjoy. But in that also, you did not get time for yourself, so give time to yourself too.
  3. Proper sleeping and waking up schedule: In this busy life, everyone has forgotten to follow their passion along with their jobs, offices, studies, etc., and their play timings, jogging, walking, and exercising timing has been replaced with the long sleeping schedule. So sleep at the time around 10 pm and wake up at 6-7 am so that you can do your extra work, walking, jogging, enjoy the lovely morning with the fresh air by being quiet, etc. which calms the mind, and makes you feel refreshed all day. You can also spend extra time with your family by waking up early in the morning, you can cook for them, enjoying morning tea with them, etc., and due to this, you will also not feel a load of work.     
  4. Take breaks in the middle of work: Take tea or coffee breaks if you are in the office or doing work from home. Walk for some time, so that your hips and waist will not hurt or feel pain. Take care of your health between working hours or without working. Drink plenty of water so that you stay hydrated all the time, take mid-break meals, and pack your healthy snacks from home for the office, if you are too busy at work and do not have time to prepare food, then have some fruits which have high nutritional values, make sandwiches, raw vegetables, salads, etc. Prepare of the food one night before if you are a working woman, and then prepare the meal in the morning which took half of the time. 
  5. Make time to follow your hobbies: When you finish your work, take some rest and then make a to-do list, of what you like, what you want to do, your hobbies, your passion, etc. Do anything that makes you happy like singing, dancing, swimming, jogging, playing games like football, cricket, volleyball, badminton, etc. that makes you feel relaxed and reduces stress. It helps in improving your body’s metabolism, digestive system, and lungs, boosts your immune system, and mood, makes you fit, etc.  
  6. Make social connections and friends: Make social connections and some friends outside your work life so that you feel relaxed and refreshed, and who will not talk about the workplace, talk about what is happening outside with some laughter and gives you positive vibes, encourage you to do more extracurricular activities, etc.  
  7. Avoid caffeine before sleeping which affects your sleep and decreases the release of melatonin hormone which helps in sleeping. Avoid alcohol, cigarettes, weeds, rum, whiskey, etc. which affect your health and you cannot surely handle your personal and work life after consuming these.
  8. Before sleeping at night, think about yourself, what you did the whole day, what needs to be corrected, what needs not to be done, what to improve in yourself, etc. it improves your way of living.

Effects of excessive work or not balancing the personal life:

Spending extra time in the office for work makes your personal life zero. Your life will be fulfilled with worries, work, and just a simple life home to office and office to home, no adventure and no extra fun. Excessive work results in too many problems like eye pain, waste pain, vertebral column or back, and hip bone pain, neck pain, stomachache, digestion problems, gastric problem, cardiovascular problem, diabetes, inflammation in eyes, teary eyes, skin problems, etc. due to heavy work on the laptop. So, it is important to give time to yourself to protect yourself from these problems. 

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