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The Role of Community and Connection in a Fulfilling Life

A community is defined as a group of people living in a particular geographical place or area, for example living in a large society. Social connections are defined as the relationship you have with the people around you, your bonding with them, how you behave with them, etc. Community and social connections are an important part of our life and have a great impact on a fulfilling life. These have some advantages and disadvantages too in our life.

How to make community and social connections in a fulfilling life?

You can make social connections and can be a part of the community by making bonding with them, developing good communication skills, making new friends, listening to their problems, their reason for happiness, and sadness, everything they want to share about themselves, being the reason of trust because trust is the first step to build a connection, never break their trust so that they would also be loyal towards you. Be part of every meeting of your community, give fruitful suggestions, and be a jolly nature person so that they would enjoy your company too.   

And, here are some advantages and disadvantages:

The advantages are as follows:

Boosts sense of humor:

when you live in a community even for some time not for a day, your sense of humor will boost by your close people by making exact points on the ongoing topic, which also makes you attractive, and helps in making new friends, or connections soon. A good sense of humor helps you to deal with the toughest situation with a calm mind.   


when you are feeling low with or without any reason, making new friends can boost your mood from sad to happy. They will not let you feel lonely when you are away from your family and loved ones.  

Improves self-confidence:

If you are making social connections, or living in a community, it is very evident that not every person belongs to the same religion or caste as yours, you met with different people, and talking with them improves your communication skills, and helps you in making extrovert from an introvert. Sometimes it is very difficult to give your opinion in a group of people, but if you are good at interacting with people, and when you are able to speak in a large group circle of friends or community, it boosts self-confidence, reduces hesitation level, it also helps in conveying your message or giving lectures on stage without any fear.  


Sometimes you cannot share your worries and personal problems with your family, but you can share them with your friends. You share the closest bond with having an emotional attachment to them. Groups of friends, or having community shares unity, care, affection, etc.

Ask for assistance from others:

Friends or groups of yours are always ready to help you when you need something from them. They can assist you on the right path when you do not know anything about that thing.


When we are too busy with ourselves, we forgot to help others or failed to join welfare groups. Having kind, and fruitful friends, does not let you forget kindness, and always encourages you to do something great in life other than following your passion and job. They encourage you to help the needy people, animals, etc. they taught you humanity on the ground level. Helps you to feed the needy people. Doing help of needy people gives so much happiness to your soul and they also give blessings to you.

Improves behavior:

If your behavior is a little bit aggressive, if you are too impatient, short-tempered, some selfish behavior, etc. which is not accepted by others then they ask you to change the behavior so that you made yourself attractive, and others will talk to you in this manner, otherwise nobody will talk to you.  

Improves physical and mental health:

If you are feeling bored walking, jogging, exercising, etc. alone then friends give you better company which makes your boring things enjoyable with some laughter.  

Support and safety:

Being alone, anyone can scare you at any level, goes to your family, or can irritate you. But when you have community or friends, nobody has the courage to annoy you. Almost everyone will know your identity.


You will be successful very soon because group studies help you to learn the topics soon or in a better way.  


You can learn new things and new habits that you want to adapt to yourself. You can learn like singing, dancing, swimming, and other games such as volleyball, football, etc. in an easier and faster way without any fear. Having different cities of friends have a big advantage in that you can learn different cultures, and different languages from them.  

Does not make you feel lonely:

If you are staying away from family, or feeling alone, which makes you feel depressed, and headache, etc. then your group will make you feel happy and will try to encourage you. If you are having an issue, they will make you understand, they will not stretch the situation to the extent that you will feel alone or sad.

Gatherings on occasions:

Having large groups or families, make the event very cheerful, you will learn the moral of the festival from the elder ones, will make you feel the importance of social connections.

If you are alone: 

or need help in the middle of the night, they will always be ready to help you.

The disadvantages are as follows:   

  1. Having large social groups or friends consumes too much time which can disturb your schedule.  
  2. Can affect your schedule because they call you at any time when you are in the office or doing something important.
  3. Expenses: when you are in a group and suppose you are hungry, you cannot eat alone in a group, you have to ask everyone to eat and have to buy for everyone, and all the expenses have to give to you.   
  4. Language barrier: having different regions of friends creates a language barrier, and to communicate you have to learn the language which will consume too much time.
  5. The migration of close people affects your mental health and makes you emotionally weak.
  6. Demolish the quality of expertise when you are in a group.

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