Brain tumor day

 Brain tumor day

A brain tumor is the most deadly disease originating in the brain. World brain tumor day is celebrated on June 8 every year. The German Brain Tumor Association initiated this occasion to provide awareness among the people, and brain tumor is considered the biggest disease worldwide. Many people die due to this disease because of a lack of education. However, the prime goal of this organization is to create awareness about brain tumors and their defensive measures. If we talk about brain tumors, then every person has some thoughts of their own. However, the more people talk about this, the more myths arise. Many people think it is an untreatable disease that cannot even cure. It was a small awareness program for people, but now it is celebrated worldwide. 

If we talk about India, almost 5 % – 10 %  of per 100000 population is suffering from some tumor. A brain tumor is causing due to the birth of various unusual cells which harms the brain’s nerves. The more we talk about this, the more misconceptions we will face. Always trust the doctor’s word. Don’t believe anyone blindly. Some people think that one suffering from a tumor can face it again even after recovery, which is partially possible. Nowadays, we think that people are educated enough about this topic. However, still, there is some information that people don’t know about, and this lack of knowledge gives birth to various misconceptions. World tumor day is celebrated worldwide and provides all the important guidelines to fight this disease. 

History of brain tumor day

World brain tumor day is a global event held every year. The prime motive of world brain tumor day is to inform people about the concerns of brain tumors. The Deutsche Hirntumorhilfe initiated the idea of world brain tumor day in 2000. There is various organization that helps in educating common people about the causes and significance of brain tumor. However, it is one of the most widely spread diseases. World brain tumor day is celebrated on July 8 so that every people will be aware of it.

The theme of world brain tumor day 2022

The theme of world brain tumor day 2022 was ” together we are strong.” Various people have been suffering from brain tumors for a long time. However, some even have lost their lives. It’s not easy for the family to overcome this situation. So everyone must help each other to come out of this phase. It is important to stay strong and help others to overcome this situation.

Diagnosis of brain tumor

The cause and significance of brain tumors are not identified yet. The diagnosis procedure depends upon the type of tumor the person suffers from. Some doctors even state that excessive usage of the screens such as computers, mobile phones, etc., can cause brain tumors which is also not signified yet. It is not definite if we talk about the symptoms of the brain tumor. Because the symptoms may vary from one part to another, some basic symptoms observed during most tumors are headache, vomiting, various sensations, walking issues, breathing problems, etc. However, there is some diagnosis suggested for a brain tumor, as follows:

  1. Angiogram: Angiogram is also known as angiography. It is a type of diagnosis that is displayed on the screen. It is done by injecting some solution into the blood vessels. Once injected, it will be left for some time. If the body has tumors, this solution will fill inside the cancer. At the same time, it will display this image on the screen.
  2. MRI and CT scan: MRI and CT scans are considered the most used and old way to diagnose any tumor in the body. It is also the image diagnosis that is displayed on the screen.
  3. Spinal tap: As you can imagine from its name. This test is placed on the spinal cord. With the help of a thin needle, some cerebrospinal fluid is collected. After that, the liquid is placed under some observation.

Treatments for brain tumor

Treatment of tumors may vary for each part. The treatment may differ from one another according to the situation. However, according to the condition of the patient, the doctor does the below-given treatments:

  1. Radiotherapy: It is a kind of therapy in which the tumor cells are treated with the help of high – an energy beam of radiation. The affected part of the tumor is treated with these rays at intervals.
  2. Surgery: Surgery is the widely used treatment for tumors. But surgery is not considered successful in a brain tumor. Surgery will remove that part of the tumor from its place. However, there are some chances that some amount of tumor is still left in that place. 
  3. Chemotherapy: It is a widely used therapy for patients with brain tumors. It is considered the safest method to treat a brain tumor. In chemotherapy, some anti-cancer chemicals are injected inside the body to treat cancer in that part.
  4. Ventricular peritoneal shunts: This method is done by injecting out the fluid present in the body. 

Every type of tumor is treated through this treatment; doctors choose among the following treatments depending on the patient’s stage and condition.  


World brain tumor day is celebrated on June 8 all over the world. People are unaware of the consequences and measures of a brain tumor. So the initiative was taken by German Brain Tumor Association which organized world brain tumor day as a worldwide occasion. It has been celebrated continuously since 2000. People need to be more knowledgeable about the issue of the tumor because of a lack of information; however, world brain tumor day exposes a different side of knowledge to the world’s citizens. 


1. What is the color of brain tumor awareness?

Ans: The colors of tumor awareness are not the same for all, such as breast cancer: pink. Brain cancer: is grey, and liver cancer is emerald green. 

2. What is the theme of world tumor day?

Ans: The theme of world tumor day is to PROTECT YOURSELF – KEEP AWAY FROM STRESS.         

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