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World population day

World population day is celebrated on 11 July all over the country. World population day is celebrated to raise awareness among people about excessive population growth. The whole is concerned with the development of the population. However, since 2011, the world’s population has crossed an estimated 8 billion. It is the most concerning issue nowadays. The united nation development program took the initiative to introduce world population day to the world in 1989. Later after that, it was celebrated every year by providing various solutions and measures of population control. 

It has only one purpose to provide a better environment where people can benefit from resources. A big population surrounds the world, and the resources available are limited. With a growing population, we will need more than the present resources for the coming generation. The prime goal of world population day is to integrate public awareness among the people about the effects of increasing population on the lives of the present and future generations. It also grabs the attention of the people over the arising issues in the economy. 

History of world population day

We all know that more than 70 million people exist on earth. 11 July 1987 is a year in which the earth’s population reached an estimated five billion people. And this day is considered world population day. Many issues are raised because of the increasing population, like gender inequality, environmental impact, human rights concern, and many more.

World population day was established in 1989 by the UNDP united nation development program through a resolution passed by the united general assembly, and this resolution was made official on December 1990. World population day provides information about the growing problems because of population growth. The ever-increasing population is crucial for unsustainable resources and the natural environment.  

Population explosion has been a concerning issue for the development of the countries. However,  there are no such measures given by the government through which we can reduce the rising issue of excessive population. And all these things are giving birth to various problems for the environment and the people. 

World population day has been playing an important role in the development of the world. It will help us provide information regarding the growing excessive population and the practical measures you can take to control it. There are various regions in different countries where people need to be educated to understand this issue. However, it helps to set up multiple seminars, programs, etc., and invite people there for a better understanding of the arising issues.

Even if you cannot help people with daily knowledge but at least one whole day is spent recognizing the important and aggressive issues for the world. The excessive population affects an individual and the economy, citizens, environment, and the country’s future generations. So it is important to speak about this topic on a higher level so that many of the population can take advantage of it.   

Causes of population explosion

The world’s population has been growing increasingly, and there is not just a single reason affecting it. There are various factors affecting life and the people of the country. However, the increasing population will make it harder to fulfill the needs of the left-out resources. We need to take proper measures to control the population explosion so that the coming generation can avoid facing the problem of limited resources. 

There are various schemes initiated worldwide through which we can c up with the population issue. Some of the causes of the population explosion are as follows:

  1. Increase in the birth rate: Undoubtedly, an increased birth rate is the foremost cause of population explosion. People are unaware of the measure of pregnancy control which results in excessive deliveries. The birth rate is increasing daily, and people need to be made aware of the effects it will have. The thread of birth and death rate has been turning wider day by day. Lack of knowledge and awareness has caused an increase in the birth rate.
  2. A decrease in infant mortality rate: Infant mortality rate is the rate at which the death of infants below the age of 6 is counted. However, the infant mortality rate has decreased rapidly, resulting in an excessive population rate.
  3. The life expectancy rate: Before 2011, the life expectancy rate was 65 – 67. However, after that, the life expectancy rate is 75 – 77, meaning that people live more than their expected life. Hence there are better healthcare facilities, and people are more focused on their physical health. 
  4. High level of illiteracy: There is always a section of the community that needs to be educated enough to understand the arising problems of the population. Lack of knowledge about contraception will lead to increased pregnancy in women. People could imagine managing family planning as there is a lot of illiteracy. Various countries such as India, South Africa, and Pakistan have returned sight towards children planning. However, they hurt the nation at present and even occupy the resources of the future generation. 

What are the effects of the excessive population?

An increase in population doesn’t only harm an individual, but it also impacts the whole environment. We do not understand the causes and their bad effects, which will harm us and our individuality. Some results of the population explosion on the country and the environment are given as follows:

  1. Unemployment: As much as the population is increasing, the demand for jobs is also growing. Furthermore, nature and people are dependent on technology. However, the growing technology has replaced the workforce. People need jobs which results in unemployment. Due to excessive population, resources are already limited, and later, the demand for employment makes it more difficult to fulfill the request and needs of the people. 
  2. Poverty: Poverty has a direct and transparent connection with the population. As the amount of resources is limited, however, the consumers are large in number, which eventually leads to poverty. People need more food and shelter for the excessive population. The overpopulation results in the exploitation of those below the poverty line.

World population day timeline

1804 This year when the world population reaches 1 billion
1927 The world population crosses 2 billion 
1960 It crosses three billion 
1989 The united nation recognized world population day on 11 July  
2000 When the population reaches 6 billion 
2017 The estimate is around 7.5 billion population

How to observe world population day

  • The most important factor is educating yourself. According to the research, the increasing population raises different issues. The interagency is the first who deals with the problems raised by the large population with the help of the united nation population fund.  
  • We all know that the increase in population develops many challenges, and the biggest challenge is resource management, which is a factor observed on world population day. 
  • If a person lives in a developed nation, they don’t have a population issue, but in developing countries, the condition is very bad; they need more opportunities and a source of income. That is why world population day has become very important to ask people to have a good long think on these issues.
  • Many different NGOs work to deal with population issues. These nongovernmental organizations educate women about family planning and contraception methods.  

Facts about world population day

  • The current population of this world is around 7.8 billion
  • China is the biggest populated country in the world, having a 1,442,857,138 population 
  • India is the second highest populated country in the world, having a 1,388,712,570 population
  • Around 5 million population f world are engaged in agricultural work 
  • According to united nation research, the population will reach about 10 billion in the year 2057
  • 31%population f the world is Christian, and 23%is Muslim.
  • Ninety million tonnes of resources are extracted from the world every year.

Importance of world population day

  • The developed countries don’t have any issues with the increasing population, but it is a major issue for developing countries. More people means more power and more food, and more resources. That s why celebrating world population day is very important, especially in developing countries with the help of this, they promote awareness about excess population and how to control large numbers of people.
  • World population day always reminds us of the issues raised by the excess population and the problem a large population faces.
  • Population issues affect people in developing countries. The life expectancy of poor people is shorter than rich people, and the population has risen due to 1/3 of unplanned pregnancies every year. It happens because people are uneducated, and world population day helps promote awareness about the population issues and educate women about unplanned pregnancies. 


Population explosion has become a serious concern for the whole world. However, tackling this soon as possible is important because delay in this issue can harm the people and the environment. World population day is a global event that motivates and encourages people to come forward and contribute to an international event. It will help us to understand what harm it is causing to our nature and the future. However, excessive population results in the exploitation of natural resources. Various methods cancan prevent excessive population. The government is also initiating different schemes to help people overcome this issue.


1. What are the causes of population growth?

Ans: The causes of population growth are :

Fertility rates, increase in longevity, decreased food security, impact on biodiversity loss, international migration, increase in climate change, etc.

2. What are the four factors of population growth?

Ans: Five factors of population growth are : 

Birth rates, death rates, immigration, and emigration.

3. What was the theme of world population day 2022?

Ans: The theme for world population day 2022 was “towards a resilient future for all – harnessing opportunities and ensuring rights and choices for all.”   

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