International kangaroo care awareness day

 International kangaroo care awareness day

is celebrated worldwide on May 15. It is held all over the world with great unity. The prime goal of celebrating international kangaroo care awareness day is to raise awareness of the safety, research, growth, and care of the kangaroo technique worldwide. People need to learn more about the effects of kangaroos maintenance. So world international kangaroo care awareness day is to provide education about the benefit and importance of the existence of kangaroo care. The initiative of international kangaroo care awareness day was taken by WHO ( world health organization ). 

History of international kangaroo care awareness day

The international kangaroo care awareness day was started on May 15, 2000. It’s been 22 years that it has been celebrated continuously to provide information regarding all the issues of raising awareness about kangaroo care. Many new mothers try kangaroo care to improve their relationship with their newborn babies. Mothers need a lot of care while giving birth.

 However, the intentional kangaroo care awareness day is celebrated worldwide to provide enough care to premature children. To improve the baby’s health, mothers choose kangaroo care as a beneficial treatment. In kangaroo care, mothers try to have skin-to-skin contact with their babies to provide them with enough warmth. It is a useful method to improve the health of new newborns.

Yamila Jackson, Ph.D., P.E. founded s Internationalgaroo care awareness day, P.M.P.and has been working on the invention of kangaroo care for a long time. She is an ergonomics engineer, and the thought about kangaroo care has come from her son. Her son was born in 2001 and saved his life in one of the kangaroo care. Even after a few issues, her son survived there; later, she decided to raise awareness about the usage and existence of kangaroo care for all premature babies. Every single day thousands of mothers all over the world try kangaroos care. However, not only mothers but even fathers also kangaroo care nowadays.  

How to observe international kangaroo care awareness day?
  1. Donate to some charities: International kangaroo care awareness day is important for implementing kangaroo worldwide. So on this special day do some charity. Give essentials to those who are in need.
  2. Help your mother: It can be seen that international kangaroo care awareness day is the day of mothers. This day represents the importance of mothers. So give your mother some support in house chores and try to pamper her.
  3. Hug someone you love:  Hugging someone will help to relieve stress, and you will feel good about being surrounded by your loved ones. It is considered the best way to feel pampered and loved.

Some important things to learn before starting kangaroo care

  1. Please make sure you are healthyBeforere starting kangaroo care. It is important to have good health. It is necessary to take good care of yourself before your baby because it is possible that you can infect the new newborn out even realizing it. S start your kangaroo care journey only when your healthcare h and have no problem.
  2.  Make sure to have enough time: Itis important to have an appropriate amount of time because it is necessary to make contact with the baby. You need to have at least 1 – 2 hours for this process.
  3. Avoid smoking: It is not a good habit. So try to leave or reduce the consumption of cigarettes and other things for better care of the baby.
  4. Have clean and healthy skin: You must keep yourself and your skin clean as it is necessary for the skin to skin contact. So any lag can cause harm to the health of premature babies. 

Why is kangaroo care awareness day important?

It can boost the mother’s confidence to care for her baby- taking care of a newborn baby is a very difficult task when it is your first time. Skin-to-skin contact with the baby makes a mom feel she can care for the baby properly.

It increases the milk supply from the mother’s breast- breastfeeding I s a very challenging task for new mothers. According to the reports, there is an improvement in their milk supply after practicing kangaroo care 

The bond between baby and parents – skin-to-skin contact is the most important thing which increases the feeling of mother and baby, and not even mom and dad also participate in the take care of their baby 

Timeline of international kangaroo care awareness day 

1978  On this date, the initiative has proposed a kangaroo care awareness day 
1989  Chris Clark and Danny’s story 

Clark is the first person who tries kangaroo care in the USA with her son Danny

2011 Dr mile Jackson establishes the day 
2016 Bill and Melinda’s fund, in which the gates couple give $7,4666,490 to the WHO 
2021 Comforting results in which starting kangaroo mother care saves 150,000 lives each year


International kangaroo care awareness day is a global event held every year. The main goal of celebrating this occasion is to raise awareness about kangaroo care techniques’ importance. The main aim of the foundation of international care awareness day is to provide enough care to those children who are premature and have weak bodies. This day is also important for a mother because she has to look after the newborn. With the help of this method, you will feel more relieved about your baby’s existence. Mothers can sense various emotions as their baby is so close to them. Mothers can feel anxious about the upbringing of their child children and may have some unusual thoughts about whether she is doing well or not. Kangaroo care helps improve the relationship between parents and young ones as they can experience the skin–to–skin touch, which provides different kinds of kind satisfaction.      


1. When should you do kangaroo care?

Ans: It is important to take care of the baby right from the beginning of delivery. However, you have to provide good care throughout the whole postpartum period.

2. What are the core components of kangaroo care?

Ans: The core component of kangaroo care includes the mother’s touch–to–touch-action with the young one. However, breastfeeding is considered very important as well.

3. How long is kangaroo care effective?

Ans: There is no specific period of kangaroo care; however, at least a 2-hour contraction is necessary. And if needed, you can do it as long as the mother and baby want.

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