Fuel Your Day with a Healthy Breakfast

 Fuel Your Day with a Healthy Breakfast

As the name suggests breakfast meant breaking the fast of long 8- 12 hours of gap which should be eaten before 9 am. Breakfast should be healthy to kick start your body’s metabolism after a long gap of night. Nutritionists suggest not having a heavy breakfast due to the long gap because having a heavy breakfast can lead to acidity problems, and stomachache and consumes more energy of the body to digest that food which can make you feel tired or sleepy in the morning.

Why should we do a healthy or light breakfast?

As per Ayurveda factors, a big breakfast can load your system with long hours of fasting. When we woke up in the morning, the agni of our stomach rises with the rising sun, so if we take large meals for breakfast it can make heat burn or produces more acid than usual to digest it. So we should do a healthy breakfast to make your day well. 

Quick and easy healthy breakfast ideas or recipes:

There are so many options to break your fast in the morning to start your day with healthy food. And, these ideas are described below:

Plenty of Water

Before having something solid or semisolid we should have plenty of water by waking up in the morning which increases the metabolism of the body, increase immunity power, easily removes the toxins of the body and flushes out, and helps in reducing weight. If your stomach gets clean properly it can improve the skin, hair, etc.


We should have fruits in the morning which are rich in vitamins, minerals or ions, water, etc. which fulfils the demand of the body. It boosts the metabolism and brings an influx of natural sugars or energy for the upcoming hours of the day into the body. We can drink mixed fruit juice like orange, pomegranate, Citrus limit commonly called mosambi, pineapple, etc.

Some people mix fruits with milk which is also a good combination. For example Watermelon with milk, Mango shake, Banana shake, etc. But we can have fruits without mixing such as grapes, berries, oranges, mango, litchi, kiwi, too.


We can have vegetable juice such as bottled gourd, bitter gourd, beetroot, or amla mixture with a little bit of black salt to boost the immune system or for a healthy metabolism process or we can also have salads like cabbage, tomato, and onion, carrot, radish, cucumber or snake cucumber, etc.     


Including protein in the morning diet is the best idea because it fulfils the hunger soon and makes you feel full after the consumption. Eggs, paneer, overnight soaked grains like black and white chickpeas, rajma beans, and soya chunks, etc. are great sources of protein. Mix the beans and chickpeas with some yogurt, and onion, and adding some salt and black paper is the best meal for breakfast. Scrambled eggs, omelettes, boiled eggs, and raw egg with milk is also the best option for breakfast. 

Bread toasts

Whole wheat bread, multigrain bread, etc. are best for a light breakfast that does not hurt your stomach. We can have bread toast with some spreads like butter, fruit jam, avocado peel and a sandwich of paneer, cucumber, onion, and tomato, etc. with some sauces which also fulfills the hunger and then we can have a heavy meal or lunch from 12 pm to 2 pm.   


oats are a great source of fiber which is easy to digest and then you can have a heavy meal at lunch. 


 Having coffee in the morning makes you alert the whole day, improves your mood, and improves mental and physical health. 

Bowl meals

we can have dal rice in less quantity which is rich in protein and carbs which is healthy. We can cut some fruits like bananas, papaya, etc., and mix some honey in them which fulfils the need of the body. 

Overnight soaked nuts

Several ions, minerals or nutrients like zinc, iron, calcium, proteins, etc. are present in soaked nuts which are better absorbed in the body when soaked overnight; omega-3 fatty acids are also there in nuts which improves the heart condition and prevents from heart problems.

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