World COPD Day

 World COPD Day

World COPD Day is celebrated on November 16th every year all over the world. COPD is a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. COPD is a lung disease caused due to various reasons. However, it can treat this disease better with healthcare and medication. It can even cause airflow issues, and people often face breathing problems. It is usually a long-term treatment as well.

 The person suffering from COPD can often face the issue of lack of breath, continuous cough, etc. It doesn’t harm the person’s overall body, but the patient can face problems in daily activities. Usually, people who work in a gas station and close factories or consume tobacco or toxins can suffer from CPOD. We need to prevent ourselves from any of these activities so that we do face COPD in the future. This article will provide information regarding world COPD day, its history, theme, significance, observance, etc.

History Of World COPD Day

COPD has always been a chronic disease since past ages. However, the name of this problem goes on changing. It was called COPD before. With changing years, the name of the lung disease keeps on changing. It was one of the leading diseases in 1814. Then people started taking it seriously and doing various research on this. 

People usually suffer from the problem of excessive cough and lack of breath but cannot define what the real problem is. However, in 1821, Charles Badham, a physician in Britain, gave a research work in which he described the issue of bronchitis, which enables proper take of breath. After that, various physicians and scientists decided to work on it. Many have defined that the main reason for the issue is likely to be smoking, environmental conditions, or genetics. 

After various research and tests, we finally got the term COPD, which means the lung infection that causes complete rupture. Doctors have provided preventive measures and beneficial medications to people suffering from COPD. We must say no to consuming all toxins so our lungs can stay healthy for extended periods.    

Significance Of World COPD Day

World COPD day is an important occasion for the whole world. However, it helps raise awareness among people about what COPD is and how it can be treated. There is a large population of the world who doesn’t know about COPD and its increasing causes. However, we should show our contribution by discussing this issue and showing our maximum contribution. It is an international event, and we should know more about this issue and motivate 

Theme Of World COPD Day

The theme for World COPD is “ Your lungs for life.” Various people even died due to lung failure, undoubtedly the leading disease among youngsters. There are multiple reasons for lung problems, such as smoking, consumption of toxins, etc. you can take care of yourself and your lungs by taking preventive measures provided by various doctors. 

Why It Is Necessary To Promote COPD Awareness

COPD stands for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, one of the most dangerous and the world’s 3rd leading cause of illness. According to the reports of the world health organization, around 2,3 lakh people died in 2019 of COPD. Also, the treatment of COPD has very high expenses. The ordinary person does not afford the treatment expenses. So it has become essential to educate people about this deadly disease and how to change themselves by changing their lifestyles. 

Signs Of COPD

There some common signs which we observed in COPD patients are 

  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Suffering from cough with mucus secretion 
  • High fever 
  • Fatigue and weakness all the time 
  • Sour throat 
  • Headache and nasal congestion

Causes Of COPD

Pulmonary disease is the leading cause of COPD, and it causes due to 

  1. Tobacco consumption 
  2. Smoking 
  3. Inhalation of toxic chemicals
  4. Asthma 
  5. If the person has alpha one antitrypsin deficiency
  6. Exposure to dust, air pollution 
  7. Leaving adequate ventilation places

Timeline Of World COPD DAY

1679 Swiss physician Theophile bonnet describes the COPD
1814 Charles Benthem, a British physician, describes the past of COPD 
1821 Rene Laennec recognized that air pollution is the leading cause of the development of COPD 
1846 Spirometer discovered by john Hutchinson 
1976 Charles fl; etcher describes  that COPD spreads because of smoking

How to Observe World COPD Day?

  • Go to the doctor if you are suffering from any symptoms of COPD. I essential to check your body and do a certified test. 
  • Also, educate yourself because education is the essential tool that tremendous you much information about this disease. Also, there is a website known as a global initiative for chronic obstructive lungs disease [provide information about COPD disease 
  • Spreading awareness is very important to protect yourself and your friends, lab hours, relatives, etc. The government also announces different schemes and camps to promote awareness about COPD. 

Facts About Chronic Obstructive Lungs Disease

  1. In the year 2017, more than 89 million people are suffering from COPD, and it is mainly found at the age of 45 
  2. Women have higher chances of having COPD than men.
  3. Smoking and polluted air is one of the leading cause of COPD
  4.  There is no effective treatment that can cure damaged lungs

Dates Of World COPD Day

Year  Day  Date 
2022 November 16 Wednesday
2023 November 15 Wednesday
2024 November  20  Wednesday
2025 November  19  Wednesday
2026 November 18 Wednesday


In this article, we will discuss every chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; this affects the lungs, which are very harmful to your body and health. There are many symptoms that we discussed above. It is usually a long-term disease but can be treated as well. The person suffering from COPD can often face the issue of lack of breath, continuous cough, etc. It doesn’t harm a person’s overall body, but the patient can face some problems in daily activities.


1. What is a complete form of COPD?  

Ans: The complete form of COPD is a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 

2. Does COPD disease affects your eyes 

Ans: Yes, this disease affects eyesight. It commonly seems that the person suffering from COPD also suffers from eye disease. 

3. Are COPD and asthma different or the same 

Ans: No COPD is a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, but both disorders affect the lungs.

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