World Stroke Day

 World Stroke Day

29th October is observed as the World stroke day all over the world. World stroke day is celebrated to raise awareness about stroke and its causes. There is a large number of adults who suffers from heart strokes every year. It is a momentous occasion and provides an ailment to ordinary people. The more we spread awareness about world stroke day, the more people will get educated about this topic. Getting a stroke is considered a permanent disability in a person’s life; however, around two persons out of a total of 8 persons indeed suffer from a heart stroke. With the help of world stroke day, we can raise awareness at the universal level. Heat stroke can cause a lifetime disability to a person, and they can even face major inconveniences in their health. However, we need to perform those activities which can prevent the causes of stroke, and with the help of world stroke day, we can achieve this goal. 

This article will provide information regarding the history, theme, importance, campaigns, conclusion, and FAQs about world stroke day. 

History Of World Stroke Day

The idea of world stroke day was initiated in 2006 by the world stroke organization. There is various organization that works for the prevention of stroke among adults. Some organizations, such as World Stroke Federation, International Stroke Society, etc., work hard to motivate more and more people. World stroke day aims to educate people about all the preventive measures and help them get back to their everyday lives. Many people have lost their life through heart stroke, and now they are volunteering to help other people to be prevented this issue. Usually, stroke occurs due to a lack of blood supply from the blood which results in stroke. With the help of some preventive measures, we can prevent ourselves from sudden heart strokes. 

The Theme Of World Stroke Day 2022

The theme of world stroke day 2022 was “ #precioustime. ” A heart stroke can make it challenging for a person to live happily. With the help of world stroke day, we can educate more people about the importance of world stroke day. We can seek help from doctors during a sudden heart stroke. We should come forward and motivate many people about world stroke day so they can also show their contribution. 

  • The theme of world stroke day 2016: “ Face the fact: stroke is treatable.” 
  • The theme of world stroke day 2017: “ What’s your reason “
  • The theme of world stroke day 2018: “ Up again after a stroke.”
  • The theme of world stroke day 2019: “ Life after stroke.”
  • The theme of world stroke day 2020:  “ Use heart to beat cardiovascular diseases.” 
  • The theme of world stroke day 2021: “ Learn the sign, Say it’s the stroke, and save precious time.”
  • The theme of world stroke day 2022:  “ #precioutime.”

Importance Of World Stroke Day

If we take a comprehensive look, we will observe that many of the world’s population lost their lives through brain stroke. Even teenagers are facing the issue of stroke, and now it is becoming more common. Lakhs of people have to face stroke every year. However, they couldn’t even take proper measures to save themselves due to a lack of knowledge. World stroke day educates people and provides them with knowledge about the prevention and causes of stroke in the body.

Past Campaigns Organized On the World Stroke Day

Year  Campaign 
2007 Stroke is treatable 
2008  The theme of the year 2008 was little stroke big trouble 
2009  The theme was a stroke- what can I do in this? The world health organization makes many efforts to make people aware of stroke and its preventive measures. Many competitions were arranged to deliver messages related to the theme to every individual.
2010 The theme was 1in 6. This means  that stroke can happen to anyone at any time and any age, so it becomes essential to know about its treatment and preventive measures
2011 Them was 1 in 6 
2012 The theme was because I care this them indicates the main factor of stroke, which includes 

  1. The person should know about the risk factor, whether it is high blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol 
  2. Physical activity and regular exercises are significant for a healthy heart 
  3. Maintaining a healthy diet is essential. You must include green leafy vegetables, fruits, fresh juices, etc.
  4. Smoking and cigarette are considered very bad for your health, so it is necessary to  avoid them if you want a healthy life 
2013 Because I care about this theme again used in 2013 to promote awareness among people about stroke 
2014 I women – this theme focuses on the effect of stoke on women. According to the world health organization, women have a high risk of stroke than men 
2015 Again  this theme was used in 20165 to provide e extensive knowledge about the effect of stroke on women 
2016 Face the fact – the stroke is treatable 
2017 What’s your reason for this theme? The government arranged many campaigns to provide education about people and help them to know what is the main reason behind the stroke and how they can prevent it
2018 Up again after stroke – as we know that stroke is treatable, we need to educate ourselves on how to treat it. 

How To Observe World Stroke Day?

  1. The person should know about the  factor of risk having a stroke. 
  2. The government arrange many campaigns and seminars to provide information about stroke and its preventive measure, so you must attend and collect all the information. 
  3. It would help if you avoided smoking and drinking because it is the main factor in having a stroke. 
  4. You need  to take a balanced and healthy diet. 

Timeline Of World Stroke Day

2400 years ago  The greek physician first discover the records of strokes in history 
The 1800s Many scientists believe that blood stroke happens when the blood supply in the brain becomes low, so they discovered different ways to treat it. 
The 1900s  Medical researchers discover the causes of stroke 
The 2000s Rapid treatment methods have been discovered to help patients suffering from a stroke.

Facts About World Stroke Day

  • It is considered that at the age of 65, half of the population suffers from a stroke.
  • Obesity is a significant factor that increases the chance of stroke. 
  • With increased awareness and educate people the chances of having stroke decreases 
  • Blood thinners treatment is proven very successful in treating stroke 

Dates Of World Stroke Day

Year  Day  Date 
2023 October 29 Sunday 
2024 October 29 Tuesday
2025 October 29 Wednesday 
2026 October 29 Thursday 
2027 October 29 Friday 


World stroke day is a global event and occurs every day. There is a large number of people who suffer from heart or brain every year. If a person faces s stroke, their life may shatter, and they couldn’t be able to rearrange it. However, world stroke day will help us stand with all those who have suffered a stroke and provide them a path to live their life normally. Various organizations are working every day to help these people. 


1. What do you mean by national stroke day? 

Ans: National stroke day was celebrated on October 29, also known as world stroke day. 

2. How people celebrate world stroke day 

Ans: On this day, the government, non – government organizations, and many private institutions arrange many campaigns, seminars, and competitions to promote awareness about stroke and its preventive measures. 

3. What is the theme of world stroke day 2021?

Ans: The theme of 2021 was precious time, and the main aim of this theme was to provide particular times and the best memories to stroke patients.

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