Low-Carb and Keto-Friendly Meal Plans and Recipes

 Low-Carb and Keto-Friendly Meal Plans and Recipes

In our day-to-day life, everybody is gaining weight, laziness, and physical and mental stress due to their busy schedules or not doing anything which carries obesity in adults or at the puberty stage of young children too.

What is the aim of low-carb and keto-friendly meal plans and recipes?

Almost every individual is becoming lazy due to which their circadian rhythm is becoming worst. By seeing their lifestyle, most people attain a low-carb and keto-friendly diet.

So, the only main aim of accepting the low carbs and keto-friendly diet is to stay fit, get in shape, or lose some weight.

Definition of low-carb and keto-friendly meals:

As the word specifies low-carbs means low carbohydrates or without carbohydrates in food. In the low-carbohydrate diet, low-carbohydrate food is replaced with extensive fat-metabolized food or with low-carbohydrate consuming food. The excessively low carbohydrate form a person attains to lose weight is known as the ketogenic diet. This diet is first been used to treat a medical condition, namely, EPILEPSY, which is a neurological disorder that commonly happens in the central nervous system. The Keto diet involves the intake of fats, saturated and trans-fat except carbohydrate ingestion.

How does the keto diet work?

The Keto diet involves extra fat consumption with low carbohydrate food so that your body does a metabolism breakdown of body fat and converts it to energy. As the body breaks the carbohydrates and converts them into glucose and uses it as the energy source in the brain or body but when the keto diet is consumed, fats are converted into ketone bodies which are produced under the ketosis process and are used as the energy source for the brain. That is why carbohydrates are reduced and high amounts of fat and proteins are consumed during this.   

High carbohydrate, fat, and protein food list:

When you are on a diet, it is necessary to consume a balanced diet with a perfect ratio of fat, protein, fibers, carbohydrates, etc. so that your body gets enough amount of nutrients that you need. So, make your meal plans according to the requirement.

High carbohydrate food list

Bread, rice, pasta, processed and convenience food like chips, max, and other snack food contains high carbohydrates, nuts like walnut, cashew, almond, etc., sugar, refined grains and its products like white bread, white pasta, noodles, Maggie, etc. Some vegetables contain high carbs such as sweet potato, potato, navy beans, etc. Fruits like bananas, mango, grapes, raisins, figs, dates, etc. contain high carbs which should be avoided in the keto diet.   

High-fat food list and protein food list

Butter, red meat, chicken, cream, cheese, paneer, potato chips, beef, eggs, ice cream, French fries, turkey, duck, goose, fish, yogurt, legumes, seeds, and dry fruits, etc. contains high fat and protein. But not all the food listed here is good for health, everything should be in balance to maintain a diet. Instead of having carbohydrates in the food, replace them with this high-fat and protein food list.  

Low carbohydrates containing food list

Broccoli, zucchini, apples, blueberries, strawberries, spinach, fenugreek leaves, avocado, cauliflower, kale or leaf cabbage, etc. are some foods that should be included in your keto diet plans.

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Low carbohydrates and keto-friendly meal plans and some recipes:

We can make leafy vegetable platters, low carbs containing toast, etc. There are so many meal plans and recipes given on the online links, books, and apps in which some of them are as given below:

Bread toast

Take whole wheat bread, cook the break in a non-stick pan apply some avocado mesh or sugar-free jam, etc. We can also make a veggie sandwich that contains cabbage, spinach, cucumber, onion, tomato, etc.

Scrambles eggs with green leafy vegetables

Take a non-stick pan, put some olive oil and an egg with a little bit of water and milk, stir for some time till they’re scrambling, and then add a pinch of salt and black paper. Add some spinach and basil leaves and stir for one or two minutes. We can add curry leaves instead of basil leaves.

Mushroom and eggs brunch

Take a pan and heat some olive oil in it, add some chopped garlic, and then add some chopped mushroom and kale or leaf cage to it. Cook it until it gets soft. Now add one or two raw eggs according to the mushroom and cook it for some time. Now, serve it with whole wheat bread. We can also make boiled eggs with some chopped onion, coriander, salt, and black paper in it. Half-poached egg, omelet, etc.

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Heat a pan with one spoon of olive oil, add some garlic and cloves, black pepper, and cumin, and then add sliced onion and tomato, stir it for some time, and make a puree of it. Again heat a pan and add this curry to it and add some chopped paneer and capsicum in it and have it with roti or brown rice, whichever you like. 

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