National Nutrition Week

 National Nutrition Week

National nutrition week is celebrated in September in India. The main aim of celebrating this week is to be aware people about the importance of healthy eating and how to maintain a better lifestyle. We all know that the two things considered most important for a healthy life are a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. With the help of national nutrition week, the government made different initiatives to promote awareness about healthy food and a healthy body.

History Of National Nutrition Week 2022

The main aim of establishing national nutrition week is to create awareness about healthy food and lifestyle. In India, national nutrition week was first recognized in 1982. In 1980, the national nutrition week ended in one month because people showed more interest in the national nutrition week.

Significance Of National Nutrition Week

We all know that the benefits of a healthy diet not only protect you from diseases but also make your body fit and healthy. In India, most of the population is malnourished, and some suffer because of their bad and unhealthy lifestyles. For a healthy life, we need to take essential nutrients for the body’s overall growth. Nutrients include carbohydrates, fats, minerals, protein, and fibres.

The lack of nutrients weakens a person’s immune system, and a weak immune system becomes vulnerable to viruses and bacteria in the atmosphere. Hence, it is essential to take healthy nutrients. It is a fact that a good nutritious diet is best for a healthy mind and body, and the national nutritious week is organized to remind people about the importance of health and a healthy diet.

Importance Of Celebrating National Nutrition Week

A nutritious diet is one of the significant factors of a healthy body, mind, and lifestyle. In this busy world, the bad lifestyle of people causes several diseases like heart disease, chronic diseases, etc., that’s why it becomes more important to understand the importance of a nutritious diet that provides adequate nutrition to the body. Nowadays, obesity has become a significant issue in urban India.

Apart from this, hunger is also a vital issue rising in India, affecting the country’s large population. According to the report of the global hunger health index 2021, India has the 101st rank among 116 countries, which means that the government should focus more on the nutritional health of the people.

 Malnutrition In India

The meaning of malnutrition is the deficiencies, excess, and imbalance in a person’s intake of nutrients. It contains undernutrition, lack of vitamins and minerals, obesity, and noncommunicable diseases like heart disease, strokes etc. There are some facts related to malnutrition in India.

  • 46% of children are underweight for their age, and 38.45 children are stunted.
  • The low weight of children affects their height 
  • The girls and boys both are equally malnourished 
  • Most children under the age of5 are suffering from anemic
  • 15% of women and 12% of men are suffering from obesity 
  • In the primarily populated country, only 51% of Indians use adequately iodized salts.

Theme Of National Nutrition Week 2022

Every year national nutrition week focuses on different themes. Like in 2022, the music was feeding smart right from the start, and this year the theme is to celebrate a world of flavours. National nutrition week is a campaign organized by the academy of nutrition and dietetics. It is the step towards a healthy diet, and it contains the following weekly steps which give you a healthy life with a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Week one- every day, you should eat a different variety of nutritious food 
  2. Week two- first, plan your weekly meal schedule 
  3. Week three- learn the skill to create a tasty meal 
  4. Week four- consult a good dietitian nutritionist 


In this article, we will discuss national nutrition week and why I t is essential to celebrate the nutritional week. There are many famous saying like health is wealth and the main aim of celebrating national nutritious week is to promote awareness about healthy food and life.


1. What is the primary mission of national nutritious week?

Ans: National nutritious week is celebrated on the first week of September, and the main objective is to provide awareness about health and a healthy diet.

2. What is the other name of national nutrition week? 

Ans: National nutrition week is also termed Bharat nutrition week. The theme of national nutritious week 2022 was to celebrate the world of flavours in which they celebrate the different cultures of different places. 

3. Who organizes national nutritious week in India? 

Ans: The Food and nutritious board of the ministry of women and child development organise the national nutrition week in India.

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