Relieve Stress: Tame Stress Through Positive Life

 Relieve Stress: Tame Stress Through Positive Life

Relieve Stress: In today’s era, most of people suffer from mental stress. Stress on the mind is a result of our thoughts. Positive thoughts and positive life can tame stress.

Main causes of mental stress

  1. It happens because of diseases of the body (Unhealthy body).
  2. It happens because of conflicts in relationships.
  3. It is caused by negative thinking towards life.
  4. It happens when you have to face circumstances opposite to hope.

1. Stress due to an unhealthy body

Today there is a great increase in physical and mental diseases, one of the main reasons for which is the disregard of the principles of nature. Do not do your food and drink according to the principles of nature. Most of these physical ailments can be cured –

  • By changing their diet and eating more natural food.
  • Fasting for four to five days (fruit diet/juice diet)
  • By adopting regular yoga practice, Shatkarma, Pranayama and meditation
  • By using natural and pure food instead of cooked food

With these, along with the body, the mind is also purified and negative thinking also decreases.

2. Get rid of conflict in relationships / with relatives

Often we fall prey to it because of our ego/pride. To get rid of mental stress, we have to work on the development of both physical and subtle powers. For the development of intelligence, we have to meditate. We get light/energy only through meditation. When the mind becomes clear, the body remains healthy. Malice, frustration, and anger slowly end in us. Our decision-making power increases, and our memory increases. There is success in all tasks.

Every person should behave peacefully and stress-free with others. The Yoga Sutras of Rishi Patanjali also inspire us towards a positive life, only through yoga our conduct will be pure, there will be unity and peace in the family, there will be the welfare of the society, and stress will go away.

3. Negative thinking

Negative thinking is a terrible disease that is a product of the mind. Negative thinking creates negative energy and weakens our inhibitory power. The secretion of hormones like happiness decreases and the person becomes sick quickly. With the coming of negative thinking, the five enemies of man, lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego encircle and the life of man starts to become hellish. Through meditation, we can purify our minds and increase our discrimination power so that negative thinking does not arise in the mind. You can relieve stress through meditation.

4. What to do in an adverse situation

How to relieve stress quickly: Don’t panic when adverse situations come and observe the whole situation by lying in shavasan with peace and closing your eyes and seeing how to solve the problem. You can also sit in solitude meditating and observing the situation while surrendering to God.

Relieve stress through yoga

Relieve stress through yoga

By adopting yoga practice, a person’s life becomes yogic and he remains the same in happiness and sorrow. He is prepared for success and failure. He never panics in adverse circumstances and remains engrossed in his deeds while surrendering to God. Such a yoga seeker knows that not getting success even after hard work means old rituals which have to be paid for in this life, so he remains engrossed in his deeds and failure does not create tension in the mind. In such a situation, he also changes his destiny by his actions and efforts.

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