The Six Elements to a Relaxing Bath

 The Six Elements to a Relaxing Bath

A relaxing bath is a soothing medicine for any tense person. The tenseness can stem from stress, physical injury, workouts, long days at work or anything that causes the human body to tense up and require relaxation. The cause does not matter. If there is no medical reason not to take a bath, a tense person can benefit from one.


Every relaxing bath should smell good. The sense of smell is not shut off during a bath, clearly. Therefore, there should be no unpleasant smells. They can take away from relaxation. A lack of smell can also take away from it. Some candles and aromatherapy bath salts, bubbles, oils or soaps are made specifically to relax a tense body. Start the use of these products while the bath is running, so the scents have time to circulate.


A romantic evening typically includes low lighting. A relaxing bath should do the same. After all, it is enticing the body to relax as one would on a romantic evening. Harsh lighting can wreak havoc on tense bodies, particularly the head and eyes.


The sound of a relaxing bath will depend on personal preference. Those who like music should choose music that relaxes, soothes and calms them. Nature sound effects tracks work wonders as well. Those who prefer silence should shut off all phones and demand silence from the other occupants of the home, if necessary.

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Whirlpool Settings

If a whirlpool tub is an option, it is great for a relaxing bath. However, the settings can make or break it. If muscles are sore, adjust the jets to a setting that feels good. It could be massaging or gentle enough not to affect muscles. If quiet is sought, choose a low setting. High settings can be loud.


The temperature of a relaxing bath is based on personal preference and season. If a home is hot, a hot bath is not going to be relaxing. In fact, it can be hazardous to your health.


The texture of the water can be manipulated with bath milk or even rose petals. Be sure to clean rose petals before adding them to the bath.  Take a relaxing bath whenever tension starts to build up. Try out different products and scents until you find what works best for you. Most of all, just lay back and enjoy it.

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