Psychological Fitness: What You Can Do to Keep Your Mind From Breaking Down

 Psychological Fitness: What You Can Do to Keep Your Mind From Breaking Down

Psychological Fitness: A lot of people pay close attention to their physical health and fail to acknowledge that their psychological condition is as every bit important as the former, if not more. After all, it is the brain that influences the body’s function and people’s social behavior. Needless to say, its integrity pretty much determines whether or not a person can go forward with his day-to-day responsibilities and survive.

Now, much of this disconnection has been attributed to the fact that psychology is intangible and immeasurable. So there’s no way to determine whether or not it is okay unless the problem is already apparent. But this does not mean that you, having come upon this post, should deal with it like most people because you are about to be awarded a wealth of knowledge in line with preserving it.

Stress: avoid it like the plague

To keep your psychological faculties intact, you must first learn how to cope with stress and prevent it from overwhelming you. Stress has been commonly tagged as a precipitating factor for multiple mental illnesses. And it has also driven people to physically hurt themselves or commit crimes. They may not seem like much at first. But as they accumulate, people will find themselves feeling less and less in control of their own thoughts and as a result, less able to prevent negative ideations.

There are many ways for you to settle your psyche and uphold a healthy state of mind. You could do breathing techniques every time you are caught up in an unpleasant situation. And every day and night, you could meditate for five to ten minutes to balance your body and release all of the clutter in your brain that has been accumulated.

You could also see to it that you get a relaxing weekend at least once a month, filled with pampering and peace. Schedule a trip to a spa resort. Or indulge in a little therapy. Little things can force you off the edge. But little things can also keep you grounded.

Mingle with other people

Another thing you can do to avoid having a mental breakdown is to socialize. Yes, people can be a source of psychological problems too. But for the most part, and in a friendly environment, they can also be very helpful. Talking about your worries to someone who cares and who can give insightful feedback is very healing. And making use of support systems when you are vulnerable helps alleviate the pressure you are experiencing.

The fact that mere touch alone gives you a sense of relief is very telling of how interaction with another human being can be good for your consciousness. So make it a point to have dinner dates with your family and loved ones every week to give you that comfort and distraction you need.

Think it out

In addition to the aforementioned, you could also participate in mental activities to exercise your mind. Remember that the brain deteriorates in the same way as a muscle. So if you do not push it to endure burdens and further its capacity, it will end up figuratively shrivelling and growing weaker by the day. Don’t worry about it being the same as callisthenics because you won’t have to wear yourself out pursuing this intervention.

You could do something simple as reading a book, solving crossword puzzles, or engaging in problem-solving games. But if you are in the mood for both a mental and physical challenge, you could do tennis or basketball where all your body parts get toned and your brain is obligated to multitask. Once a month of this should help you strengthen your psychological aptitude and make you less susceptible to depression or regression.

Therapy to improve psychological fitness

As a final option in improving your psychological fitness, you should also definitely consider going to therapy when you feel like you are about to lose your grip on your sensibilities. Everyone goes through tough times so there’s no shame in it. It just so happened that you are already nearing your limit. And given the situation, it is only proper that you have a third person, a professional at that, intervene and cut you some slack, if not guide you in the process.

Avoid jumping into the pharmacological solutions they could provide because that will rob you of the opportunity to evolve. It will just offer you a band-aid solution to every bad thing you are feeling and thinking. And you’ll either end up being dependent or dysfunctional when they are no longer at your disposal.

In recent years, there has been a lot of focus put on cancer and sexually transmitted diseases because of their prevalence. But what society has failed to recognize is the fact that 3.4% of adults are actually suffering from serious psychological distress. And out of 100,000 people, 12 commit suicide because of it.

Yes, it may not be as plentiful as those who die of aids or lung cancer. But cumulatively, the damage the condition imposes on the human race is still disconcerting. So make it a point to protect yourself and loved ones from the possibility of developing anything related to it by following the given tips and spreading the knowledge.

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