Why Pregnancy Makes You Feel And Look Beautiful

 Why Pregnancy Makes You Feel And Look Beautiful

Pregnant women are known to have a certain glow to them. Their skin is somehow radiant, their face smiling, their hair shinier than usual… The myth about the pregnancy glow is only somewhat based on fancy or exaggerations. It’s mostly rooted in real life and how hormones play with our bodies when we are pregnant.

What Are These Pregnancy Hormones?

The messenger or announcer of pregnancy is the hormone called HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin. When detected in blood or urine, it’s a sure sign of conception. It’s also responsible for maintaining a normal level of the main pregnancy hormones, estrogen, and progesterone. Actually, hCG is responsible for many other things, like nausea in the first months of pregnancy, a constant feeling of having a full bladder, etc.

Estrogen and progesterone are to blame for the soreness of breasts, notorious mood swings, alarmingly fast heart rate, etc. But today we’ll discuss some more about how these naughty hormones contribute to pregnant women’s heightened radiance.

Why Do You Look Beautiful?

We have established that pregnancy hormones make changes to your body. Your breasts become fuller, your hair thicker and shinier, and your skin glows. Hormones increase your blood volume, and that’s why your skin looks brighter and more radiant. Even your nails start growing faster after a few months, so that is a perfect time to use this pregnancy side effect and experiment with nail polish, especially if previously your nails were not much of a platform to play with.

Is It Just You or Can Other People See It, Too?

If we made a little experiment and showed only the faces of pregnant women to strangers, it’s unlikely they would all guess the women were pregnant. This glow and beauty are not THAT obvious. However, friends and family of the pregnant ladies can certainly see it; it’s not just a subjective feeling of the pregnant woman. This has a very logical explanation, too. Not only are hormones doing their part to make pregnant women more attractive, but the women themselves – or at least those who take their pregnancy seriously – are greatly responsible for their new attractiveness.

Beauty Sleep, Food, Mindset

Having discovered they are to become mothers, a lot of women change their lifestyles. They start eating more healthily, focusing on fruits and salads, they stop drinking alcohol and coffee, and the stronger ones also quit nicotine. Mothers-to-be become more aware of the dangers of stress, so they steer away from it, introducing light exercises (like yoga, pilates, or any similar sport) and pleasant walks into their everyday lives. Thinking happy thoughts all the time is the ultimate goal. It’s only natural that a person who avoids angry arguments, junk food, and long nights out drinking and smoking will see the results on her skin, hair, and her overall disposition.

Also, people are generally more considerate of pregnant ladies. Receiving smiles and small acts of kindness all the time cannot go without a positive effect.

Of course, not all pregnant women feel beautiful all the time. Some can’t sleep; some gain so much weight, that it becomes painful carrying it around; some are tormented by morning sickness for a long period. They account for feeling: “disgusting, ugly, pudgy, bloated, a whale,” rather than pretty. S

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