2 Ways To Help Your Body Recover After Giving Birth

 2 Ways To Help Your Body Recover After Giving Birth

Now that your baby has finally arrived, your life will never be the same. Your pregnancy brought major changes to your body, but in the months after giving birth there will still be other changes. After giving birth, it is time to take control of your body and deal with the changes through rest and exercise.

Though the intense experience will affect you mentally, emotionally, and physically for weeks, you need to help yourself recover so you can care for your child better. It will not be an easy thing to do alone, so you will need to get your husband and other family members to help out until you recuperate.

Put Your Feet Up And Rest

Soon after giving birth, the first thing you will need to do is rest. The labor and delivery of your bundle of joy will have placed plenty of strain on your body. However, those who gave birth vaginally will find it easier to move within a few days, unlike those who gave birth through cesarean section. Cesarean delivery will require a longer period of rest to prevent straining the wound area which can pull open and bleed internally and not just on the surface.

Nine months of carrying your child in your womb will have also caused severe strain on your back and hips when you walked and slept on your sides. You need to treat your sore back and hips after giving birth to make lifting and cradling your baby for long hours easier.

The best way to treat it while you rest is by changing your mattress for one that is firmer and provides maximum support to all body pressure points in any sleeping position. This will help heal your body and allow you to rest better with your newborn baby beside you.

Get Your Body To Adjust Through Exercise

After you have allowed your body to rest and heal, you can then start an exercise program that will cater to your body’s needs. Pay attention to your body and start exercising slowly under the guidance of your doctor.

Never rush into intense exercises as they will only strain your body and cause injury. Those who had given birth vaginally will find it easier to exercise and train their bodies to adjust quickly.

Women with normal vaginal births

Exercises can be done as early as the following day after delivery. Kegels, neck, and shoulder stretch, and pelvic tilts can be done in bed while resting. Once your body is stronger, you can start light walking and strengthening exercises for the pelvic muscles, lower back, and abs. Any further exercises will have to be approved by your doctor based on your checkups.

Women with cesarean births

Though exercises can be done the day after the delivery, you must never rush into it. Give your body a day or two to recover from the pain and then do simple exercises. You can try deep breathing, neck and shoulder stretch, Kegels, and stomach muscle exercises by breathing.

Once the incision has healed and when the pain is bearable with the help of pain relievers, you can begin light walking and lower back and pelvic strengthening exercises. It is important that you get your doctor’s opinion first before you start on any other exercise and seek her guidance on exercises that are recommended for women who had given birth through cesarean section.

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