World Anaesthesia Day

 World Anaesthesia Day

16th October is World anesthesia day every year.  It is also called national anesthesia day or ether day.  World anesthesia day is an important occasion for the development and growth of the medical industry.  Its been many years since the discovery of anesthesia, and it is considered an essential element in any operation.  People are unaware of the occasion of world anesthesia day, however, but it is one of the most important days that helps support the body while undergoing surgery.  

Before the invention of anesthesia, doctors perform surgery without anything, which is quite harsh even to imagine the impact on the body.  Anesthesia helps doctors and patients.  They do not have to face any pain during surgery.  We should appreciate and contribute to this occasion as it is one of the most helpful inventions.  With the help of anesthesia, doctors can perform surgery efficiently on that body part.  After injecting anesthesia, patients become unconscious, and later doctors can perform any surgery.  However, it is one of the most beneficial inventions as it presents any pain during operations. 

History Of World Anaesthesia Day

The discovery of anesthesia was made on 16th October 1846.  It’s been 170 since anesthesia has been an essential element in history.  A doc doctor invented anesthesia at Massachusetts general hospital in 1845.  He got this idea after watching lots of patients suffering from unbearable pain.  Right from the discovery to now, millions of operations are performed every year with the help of anesthesia, which helps in overcoming the pain during the surgery.  However, world anesthesia day will help to upgrade the status of the anesthesia community so that more and more people will get engaged in this momentous occasion.  World anesthesia day will allow people to understand the importance of anesthesia in the medical field. 

The Theme of World Anaesthesia Day 2022

The theme of world anesthesia day 2022 was “medication safety.  People come forward and motivate people through social media platforms, rallies, seminars, etc.  There are many hashtags that people can use and stand with organizations by joining various anesthesia communities.

Significance of World Anaesthesia Day

World anesthesia day is undoubtedly an essential invention in the history of medicine.  It will help various patients daily so that every day to face any pain during surgery.  World anesthesia day must be celebrated as the remembrance of the invention of the mcrucessentialedicine.  It will help people and significantly plays an essential role in healthcare.  All the doctors and anesthesiologists came together and celebrated the occasion together.  However, various anesthesiology community organizes campaigns for people all around the world.

Timelines For World Anaesthesia Day

Year  Schedule
1846 This year, anesthesia is used for the first time on a patient before surgery.  It worked well, and William T.G. Morton, a dentist in Boston, performed the surgery.
1847 This year, anesthesia has been used widely, and later it even helped in childbirth, which is considered an important achievement for anesthesia.
1902 This year, the world organization decided to provide a name to the field of anesthesia and named it anesthesiology and anesthesiologists. 
1992 On this date, the medical industry introduced the first inhaling anesthesia, an essential invention by anesthesiologists.

Facts About World Anaesthesia Day

There are various facts about anesthesia.  It is seen that multiple people have given some explanations about this. However, the most common points are given below:

  1. It is believed that anesthesia can work on anyone; however, this is not true.  Some people not affected by anesthesia might face the issue, and there are chances that anesthesia did not work upon them.
  2. Not every person can use anesthesia.  Some people are allergic, and some have an allergy to anesthesia, which makes it difficult for them to perform any surgery.
  3. There are three types of anesthesia in the medical industry: local anesthesia,  regional anesthesia, and regional anesthesia.
  4. There is no such guarantee of no pain after applying anesthesia.  There are various cases in which the person can feel pain and even wake up in between the surgery.
  5. It is seen that anesthesia does not have any specific drawback, but in some cases, it is seen that people have lost their memory.


World anesthesia day is a meaningful and memorable day for the medical industry as one of the essential medicines has been discovered on this day.  Anesthesia is a critical medicine, and people must show interest in the development of anesthesiology.  Various organizations came forward to celebrate this essential; however,r people should also move forward and show their contribution to world anesthesia day.


1. When was the first surgery performed with anesthesia?

Ans: The first surgery was performed in 1864 with the help of anesthesia and was an essential start for implementing anesthesia in the medical field.

2. Who performed the first surgery in history?

Ans: The first surgery was performed in the 6th century by Sushruta, the father of medicine and plastic surgery. 

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