World Diabetes Day

World diabetes day is considered one of the most critical events, organized every year on November 14, to promote awareness about the shooting prevalence of diabetes and its impact on the body. Also, educate people about diabetes disease and its preventive measure. On this day, many campaigns and awareness camps are organized all over the country to promote awarenesses. However, these campaigns secure the life of more than 100 crore people who are suffering from diabetes.

Diabetes is a disease in which the body does not utilize glucose produced from our food. As we all know, glucose is the primary source of energy which is very important for the body and daily activity. However, diabetic patients suffer from fatal complications such as cardiovascular issues, nerve damage, kidney damage, depression, dental problems, etc.

History Of World Diabetes Day

The international diabetes foundation and world health organization were responsible for the formation of world diabetes day in 199,1, and according to the resolution of 61/225, this day was celebrated officially in the united state in 2006. November 14 is selected to celebrate world diabetes day because it is the birth anniversary of Fredrick’s painting, who discovered insulin with Charles best in 1922. Many campaigns were organized worldwide to celebrate world diabetes day, and it is considered the blue circa le logo, which was introduced in 2007. Since 2007 the blue circle has been regarded as the symbol of awareness for diabetic patients.

The Theme Is World Diabetes Day 2022

Education to protect tomorrow is the theme of 2022, and this theme came under the combined music of world diabetic day 2121-23 campaigns that are ACESS TO DIABETIC CARE. The main aim of this theme was to educate people about the healthcare of diabetic patients. Education is one of the most critical and influential sources which inform people about diabetes and its preventive measure and early diagnosis and give a better life to diabetic patients. That’s why the government, private institutions, and nongovernmental organizations arrange many campaigns to provide information and raise awareness among people.

However, this education helps the patient to understand the situation and further complications. The world health organization and many healthcare institutions and global institutions work to provide better infrastructure and financial support to enhance the level of education to active target by 2030, which includes 

  1. The diagnoses facility provided almost 80% of people who are suffering from diabetes 
  2. Provide better management to control glycemia and blood pressure 
  3. Provide accessibility of statin 
  4. 100% of people should have easy access to insulin and self-management facilities.

World Diabetes Day Timeline

1674 The doctor diagnosed with diabetes would taste the urine of the patient 
November 14, 1891 Federick banting was born who was a discover insulin 
1922 Federick banting discover insulin 
November 14, 1991 World diabetes day, founded by the IDF and WHO

How World Diabetes Day is Observed?

  • The blue circle logo is considered the global symbol of diabetic awareness. People celebrate this day by wearing t-shirts, bracelets, caps, etc., to make others aware.
  • Government and nongovernmental organizations organize many campaigns and fairs at different places, providing information and preventive measures to protect from type 2nddiabeties disease. 
  • There are many different symptoms of diabetes, like weight, fatigue, loss of vision, hunger, etc., so getting tested every two months is imperative. 

Importance Of Celebrating World Diabetes Day

  • Diabetes is a disease found in 1 in 2 adults, so it becomes essential to draw attention to the diabetes patient because if we don’t take care of that, it will become a severe epidemic. According to the world health organization, the diagnoses of diabetes will increase by over 380% and will be hazardous by the year 2030. Diabetes is considered the 7th leading cause of death all over the world. However, it becomes essential to promote awareness about diabetes.
  • There are three types of diabetes. Type 1st diabetes is not preventable, but type 2nd diabetes is preventable by a healthy diet and lifestyle. Tobacco is the main factor causing type 2nd diabetes, so it is better to avoid tobacco consumption for a good and healthy lifestyle.
  • Education is one of the essential tools which promotes awareness about this disease. According to the world health organization, type 2nd diabetes has grown to an epidemic proportion, but the type of diabetes is non-preventable. It is like cancer, also known as juvenile diabetes. According to the report, more than one has type 1st diabetes. However, it has become essential to celebrate this day and educate people about this deadly disease.

What Are The Symptoms, Causes, And Treatment Of Diabetes?

Humans can experience different types of diabetic conditions. According to the world health organization, there are two types of diabetes,s type 1st and type 2nd, and they have different causes, symptoms, and treatments.

Type  Cause  Symptoms  Treatment 
Type 1st  It is also called juvenile diabetes. It can damage the pancreas’s immune system and beta cells, which is responsible for producing insulin. Apart from that, this hormone store glucose which is responsible for providing energy to the body. When a person has diabetes, the body does not produce insulin, resulting in a lack of glucose and high blood sugar production.
  • Excessive hunger 
  • Increasing thirst
  • Fatigue
  • Headache 
  • Nausea 
  • Vomiting 
  • Rapid brea6thing 
  • Urge to urinate 
  • Dry mouth 
  • Blurred vision 
  • Brain fog
  • Insulin- injecting insulin through a pump or injection, and the amount of insulin depends upon the level of blood sugar. 
Type 2nd  It is a chronic condition in which a person suffers from high blood glucose levels. In this type of diabetes, the body cells do not work correctly. We all know that the insulin secreted in the pancreas is responsible for converting glucose to glycogen which is essential for energy. Still, the improper functioning of insulin didn’t convert glucose to glycogen, and glucose remains unused, which causes high blood sugar to level.
  • Weight loss 
  • Urination 
  • Weakness 
  • Increased thirst 
  • Blurry vision 
  • Excessive thrust 
  • Yeast infection 
  • Foot pain 
  • The best treatment for type 2nd diabetes was changing lifestyle like regular exercise. 
  • Weigh loose
  • Healthy diet 
  • some medical treatments are insulin shots
  • DPP-4 inhabitor 
  • SGLT2 inhabitation 
  • Metformin 


According to the research, more than 400 million had diabetes in 2015. This article will provide you with every detail related to diabetes and its preventive measures. Nowadays 1, one in two adults has diabetes, and the leading cause of the increased risk of diabetes is obesity and being overweight. Diabetes is a chronic disease when the body does not produce enough insulin. Diabetes is a severe and life-threatening illness that can cure with proper medication. It would help if you changed your lifestyle through regular checkups, adequate medication, exercise, and a healthy diet. 


1. What is the blue logo? 

Ans: The blue logo was adopted as a global symbol foraw3arness in 2007 every year; many government and nongovernment organizations used it on November 14 to promote awareness about diabetes and its preventive measures. 

2. When was 1st world diabetes day celebrated? 

Ans: The first world diabetes day was celebrated in 1991, and it became a global event. 

3. Where do we find all the information about world diabetes day

Ans: You can find all the information about diabetes on the official website of the IDF

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