World Sickle Cell Day

 World Sickle Cell Day

World sickle cell day is held on June 19th every year. Sickle cell day is celebrated to provide awareness and information about the sickle cells obtained inside the body. You must be wondering what sickle cell is – so here we are to provide you with information. Sickle cells are the red blood cells that have changed their shape into sickle and later stick together, causing blood clotting inside different body parts. 

There is a lack of people suffering from sickle disease, which causes various issues to the body, such as multiple types of infections and anemia. People who suffer from SCD  ( sickle cell disorder) can experience pain and severe problems in the body. But it is a treatable disease. You can visit a health provider to overcome sickle cell disease. However, we cannot treat it at home. You should consult a doctor if you experience such symptoms. It is seen that people experience difficulty while consulting with a doctor about sickle cell disease. The motive of the celebration of world sickle cell day is to motivate people and guide them towards sickle cell disease, as many people don’t know much about this disorder. However, various organization raises awareness by setting campaigns against sickle cell disorder. In this disorder, all the cells of the body turn tough, which eventually leads to stopping the blood flow.

History of Sickle Cell Day

Sickle cell is one of the common diseases. Lack of information leads to the transmission of this disease. Sickle cell day is a widespread disease seen everywhere. However, people need to realize this disease is a serious healthcare problem. World sickle cell day resolution was initiated by the nation’s general assembly on December 22, 2008. And since then, it has been considered a global event held worldwide. It would be best if you contributed to the awareness programs initiated by the government to raise awareness about the treatment causes and measures of sickle cell disorder. This is a global event, and people contribute to this by wearing red as it depicts the color of blood. The more programs we set up, the more people will get to know about sickle cell disorder. You can show your contribution by raising money or doing charity because a small amount of money can help people in various ways.

The Theme of World Sickle Cell Day 2022

The theme of world sickle cell day is “ shine the light on sickle cell.” The theme of world sickle cell day is transformed every year. So that more and more people will get motivated for this special day. It is a global event. However, every person needs to contribute to the programs organized by various organizations. The more people are encouraged by the theme, and more people gain knowledge about the importance of world sickle cell day. With the occasion of world sickle cell day, governments and organizations want you to gain understanding and become more sincere towards world sickle cell day.

Symptoms Of Sickle cell Disease

Sickleease is treatable, but it takes a lot of time to recover from sickle cell disorder. It is a chronic disease and needs to be treated carefully. Sickle cell disorder is a long-term disease, and the patient must suffer a lot of pain. It is an inherited disease and can affect people from any age group. Around 15000 people suffer from sickle cell disorder every year. People suffer a stroke due to blood clotting, which is the leading cause of sickle cell disorder.

 There are no specific treatments for sickle cell disorder. However, there are some chances of curing this disorder which as bone marrow transplant. It is only beneficial for some. Some transplants were considered successful at the same time. At the same time, several medicines are considered valuable during pain. Some symptoms of sickle cell disorder are given as follows:

  1. Anemia: Anemia is the primary reason of sickle disorder. However, anemia causes fatigue among the red blood cells, which lack oxygen, eventually leading to blockage.
  2. Swellings of hands and feet: Sickle cell disorder causes bulges among the hands and feet. However, excessive swelling can cause blood circulation problems, eventually leading to vein blockage.
  3. Vision problem: Sickle cell disorder will cause issues in vision. All the blood circulated towards the eyes gets infected, eventually leading to vision problems. 

The Sickle Cell Trait

Sickle cell disorder is a genetic disease; however, if any of them are parents who suffered from the sickle illness in the past. So, the child may also experience sickle cell disorder. There are fewer chances that the inherited sickle cell genes can turn into sickle cell disorder. If you also have sickle cell disorder, then the best idea to test this is to have a blood test. It is because sickle cell disorder only affects the red blood cells, so if you are confused about your trait, have a blood test. If your parents didn’t suffer from sickle cell disorder, so will be only a 50 % chance for you to have this disorder. It is a genetic disorder that can only be transferred through your parents.  

Dates Of World Sickle Cell Awareness Day

Year  Day  Date 
2023 June 19 Monday 
2024 June 19 Wednesday
2025 June 19 Thursday 
2026 June 19 Friday 

Importance Of World Sickle Awareness Day 

  • It is a significant holiday that promotes thereness about harmful diseases and also educates people about preventive measures.
  • It spreads positivity by encouraging and educating people to take care of their health and also help those people who are suffering from this type of de4adly disease.
  • It is not only an awareness program. It is a movement in which different government and non-government organizations, private institutions many more come together and promote awareness among people.

Timeline of World Sickle Cell Awareness Day

1910 The Sickle cell disease was discovered by an African scientist.
1927 According to the studies, it has been discovered that disease removes oxygen from red blood cells. 
1951 Dr. Harvey discovered that the person who is suffering from this disease has different hemoglobin.
2008 The united nation organized this day.


Sickle cell disorder is an inherited disease that children get from their parents. It is one of the growing diseases seen in teenagers. It is caused due to stiffness among the red blood cells, and it will lead to clotting. The blockage in blood vessels causes strong among different parts of the body. There are various treatments through which you can relieve pain for a short period. However, bone marrow treatment is the only successful treatment for sickle cell disorder. 


1. Why is world sickle cell day celebrated?

Ans: World sickle cell day is celebrated to raise awareness and provide information regarding the cause and symptoms of sickle cell disorder. It also includes information regarding the measures you can take if you suffer from sickle cell disorder. It is held annually and encourages a large number of people to fight against it all around the world. 

2. What was the theme for world sickle cell day 2022?

Ans: The theme for world sickle cell day 2022 was SICKLE CELL DISORDER: IMPORTANCE OF SELF-CARE because while suffering from sickle cell disorder, the foremost thing you have to do is to take care of yourself. If your health is fine, you can only succeed in life.

3. Which month is sickle cell awareness month?

Ans: The month of sickle cell awareness day is September. During this whole month, various organization work for the preservation of those patients who have been suffering from sickle cell disorder. Providing enough knowledge about the prevention of this disorder can help multiple people in a huge amount.

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